Stehekin Valley Road Stories


  Dec 13, 2014: Senator Linda Evans-Parlette addresses City Council
  Dec 08, 2014: Will Congress Approve Re-Opening Stehekin Valley Road?
  Sep 07, 2013: Stehekin Resident Cliff Courtney Tells Us More ABout The Mud Slide
  Jun 21, 2013: North Cascades National Park To Close Tumwater Campground Due To Bear Activity
  Mar 22, 2013: Final Decision on the Stehekin River Plan
  Aug 23, 2012: Another Chance To Open The Stehekin Valley Road? Maybe!
  Jul 16, 2012: Final Stehekin River Plan Released
  Jul 25, 2011: Stehekin River Corridor Implementation Plan Update



 Feb 05, 2011: The Road to Cottonwood
 Jan 27, 2011: What Does It Take For a Community to Survive?
 Jan 04, 2011: Stehekin River Corridor Plan Part 2
 Aug 02, 2010: At Stehekin The Work Begins Again at Day Break Today
 Jul 28, 2010: Tumwater Bridge Repairs to Begin in North Cascades National Park
 Jul 12, 2010: Revisiting The Washout of the Road at Car Wash Falls
 Jul 09, 2010: Senator Parlette / Cliff Courtney Both Comment On Stehekin Visit
 Jul 09, 2010: Stehekin Meeting Was Positive and ''No One Said No.''


  Jul 08, 2010: Two Distinguished Senators to Visit Stehekin Today
  Jul 06, 2010: Seattle PI Columnist Challenges Park Service Position on Stehekin Valley Road
  Jun 12, 2010: Stehekin Valley Road Update from Senator Parlette
  May 17, 2010: Sen. Parlette Says Stehekin Road Status is ''Stalling''
  Mar 24, 2010: Two Sides of the Upper Stehekin Valley Road Issue
  Mar 17, 2010: National Park Service Supt. Updates Upper Stehekin Valley Road Situation
   Mar 02, 2010: Stehekin Valley Road Issue Needs Senate Attention
  Feb 05, 2010: Upper Stehekin Valley Road Bill Looking for Support in Senate


  Jan 29, 2010: Upper Stehekin Valley Road Reopening Bill Heading for Senate
  Dec 02, 2009: A Good Stehekin Morning!
  Oct 27, 2009: House Passes Stehekin Road Bill - Still Much More To Be Done
  Oct 23, 2009: Senator Parlette Gains Important Allies On 'Opening Stehekin Road'
  Sep 11, 2009: Stehekin Road Bill Passes Natural Resources Committee
  Jul 31, 2009: Linda Parlette & Doug England Both Appear Before Congress
  Jul 17, 2007: Yakima Herald-Republic Speaks Out On Stehekin Road Issue

  Nov 26, 2006: Plans To Contest Stehekin Road Closure Are Not Dead
  Aug 18, 2006: National Park Service To Close the Upper Stehekin Valley Road
  Sep 15, 2005: Stehekin Valley Road Opened To Car Wash Falls

  Jul 06, 2005: Town Hall Meeting Draws Good Crowd, Questions & Comments
  Mar 25, 2004: National Park Service Seeks Public Input On Stehekin Road
  Mar 21, 2004: Just Out For A Stroll....???
  Oct 20, 2003: Just 3 Days Apart
  Sep 24, 2003: The Magic Of Fall