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2009 Spring Sports Awards


Manson Sports Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Congratulations Trojan Athletes and Coaches

And Thank You Nancy Miller for the Photo Memories


Manson High 2009 Spring Sports Awards

June 1, 2009



Trojan Baseball 2009 Awards

Coach Chris Hill

Rookie of the year: Curtis McClellen
Most improved: Leonel Castro
Silver slugger: Robbie Pittman
Cy Young: Wade Gross
Golden glove: Schuyler Neff
Captains: Wade Gross, Robbie Pittman and Schuyler Neff


2009 NCWB League

 All Conference Baseball Team

2nd Team: Schuyler Neff  

Honorable Mention:  Wade Gross and Robbie Pittman

Coach Of The Year:  Chris Hill - Manson






Trojan Track 2009 Awards

Coach Tim Bombaci


MVP – Eva Escoto

Most Improved – Bronte Toolson

Most Inspirational (2) – Maria and Kayla Chavolla

Coach’s Award – Marcus Vanderholm


Trojan Golf 2009 Awards

Coach Ken Nelson


Isaac Ewing was league medalist and went to state.  

Austin Cochran took 6th in league.



Lady Trojan Softball 2009 Awards

Coach Jan Huddleson


Offensive/Defensive Player of Year-Marci Nelson

Most Inspirational-Kelsey Harding

Most Improved-Hailey Ellsworth

Captain's Award-Rachael Adcock

Coaches Award- Geovanna Valle


All league-

2nd team- Marci Nelson

Honorable Mention- Rachael Adcock

Sportsmanship award-Manson


Trojan Soccer 2009

Awards Coach Phil Thomas


Most Improved- Javier Guillen

Most Inspirational – Rolando Alejo

Captains Award – Graham Thomas

Coaches Award – Bony Montez

MVP – Alex Escalera


2009 NCWB League All Conference Soccer Team


MVP-Alex Escalera

           Carlos Pineda

           Graham Thomas


Honorable Mention:

Goalkeeper-Ramon Sepulveda

Rolan Alejo

Pedro Magana

Fidel Quintero

Bony Montez


League Player of the Year: Alex Escalera


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By Nancy Miller

2009 Spring Sports Awards

Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 011.JPG Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 013.JPG Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 014.JPG
Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 015.JPG Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 016.JPG Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 017.JPG
Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 018.JPG Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 019.JPG Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 020.JPG
Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 021.JPG Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 022.JPG Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 025.JPG
Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 026.JPG Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 027.JPG Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 028.JPG
Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 029.JPG Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 030.JPG Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 031.JPG
Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 032.JPG Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 034.JPG Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 035.JPG
Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 036.JPG Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 037.JPG Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 039.JPG
Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 040.JPG Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 041.JPG Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 043.JPG
Nancy_Miller-Sr.Awards09 045.JPG    


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