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5/12 Manson SB vs. Waterville



Manson Sports Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Is the split with Waterville enough to get the Lady Trojans into the top four and make the playoffs? 


Manson Lady Trojans vs. Waterville




Coach Huddleston reports….


Manson traveled to Waterville Tuesday and split with the Shockers 13-17 and 32-3.  The Lady Trojans did not play their usual aggressive style in the first game only tallying seven hits the whole game.  Amanda Buck and Roni Vanderholm were the only Trojans that hit well in the first game.  Buck had two hits and walked once.  One of her hits was a triple to center field late in the game to give the girls a boost, but just wasn't enough to ignite a rally.   Amanda also played great defense at third base, making a couple nice plays.  Roni Vanderholm was the other big bat for Manson, driving in three runs on a homerun.  Roni pitched the first three innings and was relieved by Geovanna Valle. 



The second game our girls finally settled down and played loose.  They decided it was time to hit the ball...and that's exactly what they did," stated Coach Huddleston.  They had sixteen hits during the game and played steady on the defensive side.  Rachael Adcock, Kelsey Harding, and Roni Vanderholm (the big three), combined for seven hits driving in eight runs.  Marci Nelson's three stolen bases also helped the Trojans in a winning effort. 


The Lady Trojans are waiting for Liberty Bell to finish their regular season to determine if they are going to make the top four teams and play in the district tourney.

Produced by Heidi Neal

writer for Manson School District


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