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5/5 Manson BB vs. Liberty Bell


Manson Sports Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Coach Hill reports....

Today was kind of a rough day for the Manson Trojan nine, as we never really got things going in the first game. Wade Gross led then game off with an infield single and then was picked off first, followed by 2 consecutive strike outs to end the first inning. Liberty Bell's lead-off hitter ripped a single and then stole second and third and took the plate on a wild pitch. Wade calmed things down the, but our defense wasn't really up to the challenge today and Liberty Bell put the ball in play all game long forcing us to make plays that we weren't accustomed to making, thus they got many hits and we made too many errors in the outfield to give their runners extra bases.

Throughout the game our outfielders got stronger and Schuyler Neff, Leonel Castro and Stellan Giffin all made at least one great play in the outfield during the first game. Jordan Pittman was able to reach base on walk in the second inning Giffin did the same in the third inning.

We had a tough time getting our timing against Liberty Bell's pitcher (josh johnson) he was very good! He did a great job of hitting his spots locating both his curve ball and his fast ball. He is one of the best pitchers we have seen all year. He did such a great job that this was the first time all year that we have been shut out in a game.

wade gross: 1-2, cs
schuyler neff: 0-2, 2 k
robbie pittman: 0-2, k
curtis mcclellen: 0-2, 2 k
jordan pittman: 0-1, bb
leonel castro: 0-2, 2 k
nathan coggins: 0-2, k
stellan giffin: 0-1, k, bb
miguel escalera: 0-1, k
willie jones: played second base and had a dh

In the second game I thought we were in store for big things because in the first inning Wade Gross hit a ball hard, but grounded out. Our second batter, Schuyler Neff, hit an absolute bomb over the left field fence to give us a 1-0 lead and Robbie Pittman hit a rocket right at the centerfielder for a well hit long second out. Unfortunately, Liberty Bell's pitcher settled down and made us work every one of the five hits that we got in the second game. Robbie Pittman pitched the second game for us, he did a good job throwing a lot of strikes, and having one of his better overall outings of the season. As a team we really cut down on our errors in this second game, which is great because that is something that all of our players know that they need to work on. Robbie Pittman and Neff scored our two runs in the second game. Freshmen Curtis McClellen had a single right up the middle in the fifth inning and also worked the count for a walk in the 6th inning. Stellan Giffin hit a single to left and Leonel Castro had two hits and one run batted in.


wade gross: 0-3
schuyler neff: 2-1, hbp, rbi, hr
robbie pittman: 0-3, fc
jordan pittman: 0-3
nathan coggins: 0-2, hbp
leonel castro: 2-3, sb, rbi, k
curtis mcclellen: 1-2, k, bb
stellan giffin: 1-3, fc, k
johnny jones: 0-2, 2 k
willie jones: played second base and had a dh
blake calleson: pinch ran and reached third base
devon griffith: pinch ran and reached second base

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