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5/1 Manson BB vs. Oroville





Manson Sports Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Coach Hill reports...


Once again things started out really well as we led the first game until the top of the sixth inning when Oroville finally took the lead at 7-6, which is also the way the game ended. We had many chances to win the ball game, even had many chances to make plays on defense to put the game away, but we just made a few too many errors, in the end we had nine errors in the field compared to Oroville's 4. The errors were the difference in the game. Our kids really came out and battled all game long, Wade Gross really cut down on giving the free passes to hitters and made them earn their way on, for the first couple innings our defense played pretty good and made it difficult for the Hornet batters to reach base, and we hit the ball enough to get ourselves on base and for Oroville to make plays. Finally in the bottom of the fifth we ran out of firepower at the plate and after Curtis McClellen led off of the inning with a hard hit single we didn't get another baserunner in the game, meaning nine straight outs were retired by Oroville's Brandon Funston. Funston did a great job of pitching a lot of strikes and always being around the plate making us earn everything we got.


This game was pretty hard for the kids to swallow, they were so close to getting their first win in the past two years, and saw it just slip away. I really have to hand it to both teams though as neither gave up, Oroville battled back to win the yet our kids worked to get ahead again, which has now happened in the past two games for us.


The kids are definitely getting better with every game and every practice, this was real heartbreaker, but the kids will see their hard work pay off someday soon. Wade Gross pitched a pretty good game giving up only three earned runs in seven innings while striking out six. Schuyler Neff had three hits and scored a run. Robbie Pittman had one hit. Curtis McClellen had one hit. Stellan Giffin got two walks. Leonel Castro had two hits.

wade gross: 0-4, run, fc
schuyler neff: 3-4, run, 2 sb, k, 2 rbi
robbie pittman: 1-4, roe, rbi
jordan pittman: 0-4, k
nathan coggins: 0-4, k
curtis mcclellen: 1-4, roe, run, k
stellan giffin: 0-1, 2 bb, 2 run
leonel castro: 2-3, k, 2 rbi
willie jones: 1-3, rbi run, k


After the finish to the first game the kids were kind of down, but still came out to play the second game. After loading up the bases in the first inning Robbie Pittman had a chance to get out of the inning without giving up any runs, but we unfortunately made an infield error on a routine ground ball; thus prolonging the inning and allowing Oroville to score nine runs in the first frame. Once again in this game the errors really hurt us, along with the free passes that we gave Hornet hitters.


It was really hard for some of the kids to keep their composure with the way things were going, yet they didn't give up and both of our pitchers (Robbie Pittman and Schuyler Neff) did a great job of battling and throwing a lot of strikes. The nicest part of this game was that everyone got to play and everyone was able to contribute. The kids coming off of the bench did a great job of hustling all day long after foul balls and doing whatever was asked of them. We struggled all game long in this second game, but in the last inning the kids really showed some pride and found a way to score five runs and almost got six. Wade Gross had two hits and scored two runs. Schuyler Neff had one hit and scored one run. Robbie Pittman had two hits and scored a run. It was great to see Jordan Pittman get a hard hit single and also scored a run. Devon Griffith got his first career hit at the high school level. Nathan Coggins got a base on balls. Leonel Castro got walked in his last at-bat. Stellan Giffin got one hit and was 2-3 on stolen base attempts. Blake Calleson got a walk and Migi Escalera got a walk and scored a run in the fifth inning.

wade gross: 2-2, 2 runs, sb, bb
schuyler neff: 1-3, run, 2 k, 2 rbi
robbie pittman: 2-3, run, 2 sb, 2 rbi
jordan pittman: 1-2, k, run
johnny jones: 0-1, k
nathan coggins: 0-1, bb
devon griffith: 1-1, sb
curtis mcclellen: 0-3, rbi, k
leonel castro: 0-2, k, bb
stellan giffin: 1-3, 2 k, 2 sb, cs
willie jones: played second base
blake calleson: 0-0, bb
migi escalera: bb, run


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