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Lady Trojan Softball Report



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By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Lady Trojans Softball Game Reports


By Coach Huddleston


Photo By Kristen Harding

Rachel Adcock crossing home plate v. Tonasket






The Lady Trojan Softball team had a busy week traveling to Thorp on Tuesday April 21st in a losing effort, sweeping Tonasket at home on Thursday the 23rd and splitting with Soap Lake in a match up at home on Saturday the 25th.


It was a slug fest versus Thorp dropping both games by one run 17-18 and
13-14.  Abby Bridgewater was outstanding from the plate batting 1000 with
three RBIs and two doubles.  She batted with confidence and ran aggressively
on base.  Marci Nelson, Verna LaCourse, and Roni Vanderholm also had great
games stealing bases and racking up RBIs.  Vanderholm and Nelson also hit
doubles, while LaCourse showed versatility laying down a sacrifice bunt in a
losing effort.

Tonasket was the Lady Trojan's midweek match up.  As a team, they had a .319
batting average, sweeping Tonasket 12-8 and 17-16.  Senior Kelsey Harding
led the way scoring the winning run in the bottom of the seventh inning (2nd
game) followed by the strong arm short stop Rachel Adcock, who had five
hits on the day.  Another senior, catcher Rose Averbeck competed on both
offense and defense.  She had three hits and walked two times.  Her play
behind the plate is tough and consistent, which is one of the Trojans major

Saturday the Trojans were pitted against Soap Lake.  The girls came out flat
but managed to split with the visiting Eagles (8-5 and 15-22).  Combined the
team only had seven hits all day.  The Trojans played very good defense in
the first game committing only three errors.  The highlight of the day was
Marci Nelson's (first base) unassisted double play in the top of the seventh
inning (first game) to clinch a win.

'We have six strong seniors on our team this year.  Their leadership and
attitudes really set the tone for the rest of the team.  When one or two
aren't having a particularly good game, it seems the others step up and


The Lady Trojans play Oroville at home on Friday May 1st at 3:00 p.m.


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