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4/26 Trojan BB vs. Soap Lake




Manson Sports Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Coach Hill reports....

game 1: Soap Lake 13 Manson 2
game 2: Soap Lake 13 Manson 6

The first game was kind of a tough one, as we didn't get our first hit until the fourth inning which was also our only hit of the game. In that fourth inning Curtis McClellen got walked then stole a base and was followed by Miguel Escalera also getting walked leading to our first hit of the day when Stellan Giffin hit a two-run single right up the middle. During the first game we were walked or hit by pitches eleven times, but could only manage two runs for the game. Also, in the first game we cut our errors down to only four for the game which is a huge improvement! Throughout both games McClellen was a huge boost on defense as he covered third base very well and proved that he will be a huge asset to the Manson Baseball Program for the next three years. Robbie Pittman returned to the mound after getting twelve stitches from getting hit by the ball in last Friday's game at Chelan. Robbie battled hard all game long, just seemed to be a little rusty from taking the week off the mound.


In the second game things did get much better for us as we managed eleven hits and three walks to help us get our six runs. During the second game we actually lead 1-0 until the fourth inning when a couple physical and mental errors really hurt us and got us down. Wade Gross really pitched a great game for the most part and Nathan Coggins came in to finish up the last of the seventh inning. It was really nice to play seven innings today for a change! Us playing the full seven innings was mostly due to cutting down the walks, Wade didn’t walk anyone until the fourth inning. We found out the hard way that those walks ALWAYS come back to haunt you as those walked batters came around to score in the nine-run fourth inning for Sope Lake. We got hits in the second game from: Gross, Schuyler Neff (3), Robbie Pittman (2), Leonel Castro, Jordan Pittman (2) and Stellen Giffin. Giffin hit the ball really hard to right field, did a great job of going with pitch and taking what they were giving him.

GAME #1:

Wade Gross: 0-2, bb
Schuyler Neff: 0-0, 3 bb, sb
Robbie Pittman: 0-3, sb, fc, k
Jordan Pittman: 0-3, roe, 2 k
Nathan Coggins: 0-1, 2 bb
Leonel  Castro: 0-3, k
Curtis McClellen: 0-1, 2 bb, run
Migi Escalera: 0-0, hbp, bb, run
Willie Jones: 0-0, bb
Stellan Giffin: 1-3, k, 2 rbi

GAME #2:
Wade Gross: 1-3, 2 runs, 3 sb,  k
Schuyler Neff: 3-4, run, 2 rbi, k, double
Robbie Pittman: 2-4, run 2 rbi, double
Jordan Pittman: 2-3, fc, rbi, bb
Nathan Coggins: 0-4, 1
Curtis McClellen: 0-3, k
Leonel Castro: 1-3, k
Stellan Giffin: 1-2, triple, run, sac bunt, rbi
Johnny Jones: 0-2, 2 k, run, bb
Willie Jones: played second base and had a dh

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