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3/26 Manson Soccer vs. Bridgeport





Trojan Soccer Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Photos by Nancy Miller

2009 Manson Varsity Trojans and Coach Thomas


Varsity Manson Trojans 6- Bridgeport 0




Coach Thomas reports…


Manson Boys Varsity Soccer team had their first home game beating Bridgeport 6 - 0.


Carlos Pineda scored four goals and Fidel Quintero added two. Fidel, Osbaldo Escoto and Alex Escalera had assists.  Again the defense and goalkeeper Ramon Sepulveda were strong and recorded their third straight shutout. Ramon had six saves.


Manson JV soccer team got their first win by beating Bridgeport 8 – 0.  Oscar Ocampo scored four goals and Carlos Compos, Abel Espinoza, Abel Chavez and Eduardo Moreno each scored. Octavio Lopez had five saves in the goal for Manson.


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Photos by Nancy Miller

Manson Trojans 6 - Bridgeport 0

N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 007.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 008.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 011.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 013.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 014.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 015.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 016.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 020.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 025.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 027.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 028.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 033.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 034.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 035.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 036.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 041.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 042.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 045.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 046.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 050.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 051.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 052.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 054.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 055.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 057.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 063.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 064.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 065.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 066.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 067.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 068.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 069.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 070.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 071.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 072.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 080.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 084.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 085.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 087.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 089.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 092.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 096.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 097.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 098.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 099.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 105.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 109.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 113.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 114.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 115.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 116.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 118.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 120.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 130.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 131.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 132.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 133.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 134.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 135.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 136.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 138.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 139.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 143.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 145.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 146.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 148.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 149.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 150.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 152.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 155.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 156.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 157.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 161.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 165 (2).JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 165.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 171.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 174.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 176.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 177.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 178.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 180.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 186.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 187.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 188.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 190.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 191.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 197.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 198.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 199.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 203.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 204.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 206.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 207.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 208.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 211.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 215.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 216.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 217.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 218.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 219.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 220.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 222.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 223.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 262.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 263.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 279.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 280.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 284.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 286.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 287.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 288.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 289.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 290.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 294.JPG
N_Miller_MHSVSoccer 295.JPG N_Miller_MHSVSoccer team299.jpg  

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