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3/21 Trojan Baseball vs. Eastmont C



Trojan Baseball

Manson 1 @ Eastmont-c 15
Manson 5 @ Eastmont-c 38


Coach Hill reports….

Both of these games started out fairly close it was just one inning in both games that broke things open for Eastmont. We had a very hard time finding the plate while pitching in the second game. During both games when we did find the plate we made too many physical and mental errors to help our pitchers out.


It was the player’s first time out, and for many it was their first time playing organized baseball three or more years. The kids know what they all need to work on individually and as a team.


The nice thing about this group is that nobody gave up, and everyone continued to try their hardest and after the game the kids were disappointed, but understood what the bigger picture is and that we will be fine as long as continue to improve every day in practice and after every game.

Individually Wade Gross did a pretty good job pitching in the first game and his catcher, Marcus Vanderholm, did an outstanding job behind the plate unfortunately we lost him to for the season because of two broken fingers.


In the first game Wade also got our only hit in the game and scored our only run of the game when he later reached on an error. Leonel Castro did a great job chasing down fly balls in right field during the first game.


In the second game we had more hits and scored a couple of runs Wade got another hit and scored another run, Schuyler Neff scored a run, Jordan Pittman got a hit and scored a run, Leonel Castro got a hit and scored a run. Robbie Pittman started the game on the mound and threw hard, but just had trouble throwing strikes; and the same went for Nathan Coggins, but both worked hard and stayed out there and weathered the storm with great attitudes. Stellen Giffin finished the game and pitched a lot of strikes, but unfortunately we had some trouble backing him up. Schuyler caught for the first time since Little League and really did a great job, seemed like he actually liked being back their involved in every play.

I was very proud of many kids that were willing to play any position, including places they had never played just to help out the team. Devon Griffith was willing to play anywhere, including third base after we had an injury.


Schuyler Neff: 0-2, 2 k's
Wade Gross: 1-2, run, 2 sb, roe
Robbie Pittman: 0-1, k, hbp, cs
Jordan Pittman: 0-0, bb, sac-fly, rbi, cs
Nathan Coggins: 0-2, k
Leonel Castro: 0-2, k
Willie Jones: 0-2, 2 k
Stellen Giffin: 0-1, k, bb, cs
Marcus Vanderholm: 0-1, k

Wade Gross: 4 ip, 7 hits, 6 bb
Manson battery for game 1: Wade Gross(L) and Marcus Vanderholm.

Schuyler Neff: 0-1, bb, hbp, sb, run
Wade Gross: 1-2, roe, run, rbi
Blake Callison: 0-0, bb,
Robbie Pittman: 0-2, bb, rbi
Jordan Pittman: 1-2, hbp, rbi, run
Nathan Coggins: 0-2, 2 k, bb
Johnny Jones: 0-3, roe, rbi
stellen giffin: 0-2, roe, rbi
Devon Griffith: 0-2, k
Gustavo Valdivinos: 0-1, k
Leonel Castro: 1-1, run

Robbie Pittman:
2 2/3 ip, 9 hits, 4 bb
Nathan Coggins: 1/3 ip, 5 hits, 7 bb
Stellen Giffin: 2/3 ip, 8 hits, 6 bb
Manson battery for game 2: Robbie Pittman (L), Nathan Coggins, Stellen Giffin, Schuyler Neff and Nathan Coggins.


We travel back to East Wenatchee on Friday the 24th to play Eastmont C again with first game starting at 4 p.m.


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