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2/9 Varsity vs. Liberty Bell

Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

 GoLakeChelan ~ Manson School District


Photos by Nancy Miller

Ruben Guillen makes another great shot at the bucket


Manson 50- Liberty Bell 58



  Coach Crollard reports…


This was another one of those games where the guys did a great job of coming out and playing hard from the first minute of the game. We moved the ball on offense against LB’s zone defense very well which allowed for our guards to get some wide open 3 point shots. We didn’t react very well to their man to man defense and it gave our players some problems, especially getting to the hoop. Overall, it was another great effort from the boys and I am very proud of the way they’ve played over the past 4 games.


Alex Escalera 13 points

Rob Pittman 10 points 6 rebounds

Scoring Summary

First Quarter:       Manson 21 - Liberty Bell 14
Second Quarter:  Manson 23 - Liberty Bell 24
Third Quarter:      Manson 35 - Liberty Bell 39
Fourth Quarter:    Manson 50 - Liberty Bell 58

Click On Photos To View Enlargement
By Nancy Miller
Manson 50 - Liberty Bell 58
BBvsLBhome2-4-09 1012.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 1041.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 1042.JPG
BBvsLBhome2-4-09 1044.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 1045.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 1070.JPG
BBvsLBhome2-4-09 1080.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 1082.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 1083.JPG
BBvsLBhome2-4-09 1085.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 1088.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 1089.JPG
BBvsLBhome2-4-09 1090.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 1093.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 1100.JPG
BBvsLBhome2-4-09 1101.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 1104.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 1122.JPG
BBvsLBhome2-4-09 557.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 558.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 559.JPG
BBvsLBhome2-4-09 562.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 563.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 565.JPG
BBvsLBhome2-4-09 573.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 582.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 584.JPG
BBvsLBhome2-4-09 587.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 594.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 616.JPG
BBvsLBhome2-4-09 620.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 625.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 628.JPG
BBvsLBhome2-4-09 647.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 650.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 668.JPG
BBvsLBhome2-4-09 681.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 715.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 774.JPG
BBvsLBhome2-4-09 775.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 791.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 802.JPG
BBvsLBhome2-4-09 810.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 828.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 834.JPG
BBvsLBhome2-4-09 835.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 846.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 847.JPG
BBvsLBhome2-4-09 848.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 853.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 902.JPG
BBvsLBhome2-4-09 906.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 912.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 944.JPG
BBvsLBhome2-4-09 962.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 988.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 993.JPG

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