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1/30 JV Boys vs. Kittitas


Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Manson JV 34  vs.  Kittitas JV 37



 Coach Scott Ward reports…. 

This was a defensive battle against a really good Kittitas squad.  I thought that our boys played really hard but just came up a little short in the end. I'm proud of each and every one of them and the way they played, the effort they gave, and the way they represented our team.  We'll keep working hard and these close games will soon start to go our direction. 

Our big guys, Ammon Simmons, Nathan Coggins, Javier Guillen, and Danny Luna played really well defensively not allowing any easy baskets in the paint and getting a handful of blocks.  We also had some consistent play from guards who did a good job limiting turnovers and running the court. Our scoring was led by Miguel Lopez with 12 and Jacob Cleveland with 9.  I thought overall we could have done a little better job with our shot selection down the stretch but the big lineup of Kittitas really packed the key with their 2-3 defense and made it very difficult to create any easy scoring opportunities.

This loss left our final record against Kittitas at 0-2 for the season and was the first time all year that we had lost two consecutive games.  We hope to get back on track on Tuesday, February 3, when we host Liberty Bell at 4:30. 

Scoring Summary

First Quarter:       Manson 8 - Kittitas 3
Second Quarter:  Manson 15 - Kittitas 15
Third Quarter:      Manson 21 - Kittitas 26
Fourth Quarter:    Manson 34 - Kittitas 37

Overall Record:  9-6
League Record:  5-4



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