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1/30 JV Lady Trojans vs. Kittitas


Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Photos by Nancy Miller

Yesenia Escoto had another great game


Manson JV Lady Trojans 18 vs. Kittitas 19


 Coach Bennett reports...

We played a lot better defensively, fronting their big posts.  We were able to hold # 42 to 6 points, after she had 18 last time we played.  Last time we lost by 21, this time we had a chance to win, but couldn't get a bucket when we needed it. We still only had 4 players who scored, and we didn't score any points in the 3rd quarter. Yesenia Escoto had another productive game.


We host Liberty Bell on Tuesday, February 3rd with game time at 4:30 p.m. in the old gym.


            Yesenia Escoto: 11 points, 4 rebounds and 2 steals.
            Amanda Buck: 3 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists
            Ally Mendivil: 2 points, 2 rebounds and 2 steals
           Sierra Miller: 2 points and 2 rebounds          

            Eva Escoto: 2 rebounds and 1 steal
            Mindy Neal: 4 rebounds and 2 steals

            Thalia Lepley: 2 rebounds

            Ofelia Rodriguez: 2 rebounds


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By Nancy Miller

Manson JV Lady Trojans 18 vs Kittitas 19

BBhomevsKittitas1-30-09 004.JPG BBhomevsKittitas1-30-09 007.JPG BBhomevsKittitas1-30-09 008.JPG
BBhomevsKittitas1-30-09 033.JPG BBhomevsKittitas1-30-09 034.JPG BBhomevsKittitas1-30-09 035.JPG
BBhomevsKittitas1-30-09 099.JPG BBhomevsKittitas1-30-09 110.JPG BBhomevsKittitas1-30-09 111.JPG
BBhomevsKittitas1-30-09 145.JPG BBhomevsKittitas1-30-09 153.JPG BBhomevsKittitas1-30-09 228.JPG
BBhomevsKittitas1-30-09 252.JPG BBhomevsKittitas1-30-09 264.JPG jan31-09 002.JPG

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