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JV Boys vs. Bridgeport 1-23-09


Manson JV 45  -  Bridgeport JV 28




 Coach Scott Ward reports…. 

This game was coached by committee with Coach Carbone assisting with the first half and Coach Crollard taking over in the second half.  I was out of town on business but the team responded very well and didn't let the change affect their play. 


They played well offensively and defensively.  According to Coach Crollard we came out in the second have and applied a full court press that really gave the Bridgeport boys some problems, only allowing Bridgeport 5 points in the 3rd quarter and 6 points in the 4th.  The top scores for the game were Miguel Lopez-14, Colton Hodges-11, and Javier Guillen with 10.

Scoring Summary

First Quarter:      Manson 10 - Bridgeport 6
Second Quarter:  Manson 21 - Bridgeport 17
Third Quarter:     Manson 35 - Bridgeport 22
Fourth Quarter:   Manson 45 - Bridgeport 28

Overall Record:  9-4
League Record:  5-2 


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By Nancy Miller

JV Boys vs Bridgeport
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