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JV Boys vs. Entiat 1-27-09


Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Photos by Nancy Miller

Miguel Lopez sinks another one for Manson


Manson JV 30 -  Entiat 48




 Coach Scott Ward reports…. 

This was one of those games that I would like to brush under the carpet and act like it never happened.  But it did happen and we must learn from it. 


We came out with this lack of intensity and concentration from the time we stepped on the floor in warm-ups until there was about 2 minutes left in the game and we were already down 20. 


As the coach of this team I must take full responsibility for their lack of game time intensity and state of mind.  When they come out as flat as they did I must find ways to change their way of thinking and get much better effort from them.  I also have to give a lot of credit to the Entiat boys who defended their court very well and played exceptionally well on the defensive end. 


Our turnover total was probably almost as much as our point total and that's not a good ratio to have if you expect to win basketball games. 


This game ends our league play with Entiat with a record of 1/1.  Our scoring was led by Javier Guillen who scored 10 points in 3 quarters of play.

We host Kittitas on Friday, Jan. 30th with game time at 4:30 p.m. in the old gym.

Scoring Summary

First Quarter:       Manson 06  -  Entiat 10
Second Quarter:  Manson 14  -  Entiat 24
Third Quarter:      Manson 22  -  Entiat 38
Fourth Quarter:    Manson 30  -  Entiat 48

Overall Record:  W-9 and L-5
League Record:  W-5 and L-3

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By Nancy MIller

Manson JV 30 - Entiat 48

BBEntiat 033.JPG BBEntiat 035.JPG BBEntiat 044.JPG


****** Updated Schedule as of 1-21-09

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