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JV Lady Trojans vs. Entiat 1-27-09


Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

 GoLakeChelan ~ Manson School District

Photo by Nancy Miller

Eva Escoto had a great night handling the ball for Manson


Manson JV Lady Trojans 24 - Entiat 38




 Coach Bennett reports...


We were ahead at half time, but had too many bad passes to keep the lead in the 2nd half.  They ladies played hard fast ball but could not keep up with Entiat’s #12’s steals.


We scored 10 more points than last time, and handled the press much better in the 1st half.   


Cheyanne McFadden is out for the season with a broken wrist and will be missed on the court. One amazing player since she had playing with the break for the past 4 weeks.


I can’t give scoring stats, because the book was not kept in the 2nd half.  Entiat is faxing me a copy. (Heidi will post when received.)



            Eva Escoto and Mindy Neal 4 each

            Yessenia Escoto, Sierra Miller, Ally Mendivil, Ofelia Rodriguez 2 each

            Amanda Buck, Thalia Lepley 1 each


            Yessenia Escoto, Mindy Neal, Eva Escoto 2 each

            Sierra Miller, Ofelia Rodriguez 1 each


            Amanda Buck, Sierra Miller, Eva Escoto, Mindy Neal 1 each


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By Nancy Miller
Manson JV Lady Trojans 24 - Entiat 38
BBatEntiat-D90 012.JPG BBatEntiat-D90 013.JPG BBatEntiat-D90 014.JPG
BBatEntiat-D90 015.JPG BBatEntiat-D90 016.JPG BBatEntiat-D90 018.JPG
BBatEntiat-D90 019.JPG BBatEntiat-D90 027.JPG BBatEntiat-D90 061.JPG
BBatEntiat-D90 065.JPG BBatEntiat-D90 070.JPG BBatEntiat-D90 076.JPG
BBatEntiat-D90 094.JPG BBatEntiat-D90 104.JPG BBatEntiat-D90 107.JPG
BBatEntiat-D90 114.JPG BBatEntiat-D90 118.JPG BBatEntiat-D90 123.JPG
BBatEntiat-D90 141.JPG BBEntiat 003.JPG BBEntiat 005.JPG
BBEntiat 009.JPG BBEntiat 013.JPG BBEntiat 018.JPG
BBEntiat 021.JPG BBEntiat 046.JPG BBEntiat 049.JPG
BBEntiat 070.JPG BBEntiat 071.JPG  

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