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1-27 Lady Trojans vs. Entiat

Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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WOW What a Game!!!!


Photos by Nancy Miller

Roni Vanderholm gets the rebound 







 Coach Hill reports…. 

What a game this was both teams played extremely hard, the intensity was unbelievable. Both teams had many great runs.


It had to be a great game to just watch and be a spectator. (The Manson fans were fired up!)

We jumped out to a 14-0 lead, but then immediately after that we began to get nervous under their pressure defense. We turned the ball over way too many times, especially when we had the lead.


Entiat battled to back to take numerous leads only to have us keep coming back also. With well under a minute left in the game they had an eight point lead probably thinking it was over, but I realized it is never over with this hard-working group of girls as Vetta, Marci and Hailey all came up with huge steals and baskets!


Once again we came up with another season high for assists with 16 this time. Entiat did a good job of blocking us out and limiting our offensive rebounds. In the end, though some big turnovers cost us along with the great free-throw shooting by Entiat's freshman guard.

Vetta Maynard was the leading scorer in the game with 22 points. Hailey Ellsworth and Marci Nelson both scored 11 points. Whitni England player stellar defense on Entiat's shooter all game and also poured in 7 points of her own. Veronica Vanderholm did a great job on defense once again defending much taller players and also chipped in with 5 points. Eva Escoto had anther great defensive game while also making a free-throw during the fourth quarter. Verna LaCourse had a steal in the game. Abby Bridgewater had one rebound and an assist for the game. Angelica Suarez shut down Entiat's shooter during the second quarter. Mindy Neal and Yessenia Escoto did not make on the court but provided great team support from the bench.

22 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 6 steals
MARCI NELSON: 11 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 5 steals
WHITNI ENGLAND: 7 points, 1 rebound, 5 assists, 2 steals
ABBY BRIDGEWATER: 1 rebound, 1 assist, 1 steal
VERONICA VANDERHOLM: 5 points, 6 rebounds, 1 assist, 3 steals
HAILEY ELLSWORTH: 11 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 steals
EVA ESCOTO: 1 point, 2 rebounds



MANSON 17, 8,  12,  20
ENTIAT    07, 19, 10,  26

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By Nancy Miller

BBatEntiat-D90 212.JPG BBatEntiat-D90 244.JPG BBatEntiat-D90 253.JPG
BBatEntiat-D90 276.JPG BBatEntiat-D90 288.JPG BBatEntiat-D90 291.JPG
BBatEntiat-D90 294.JPG BBatEntiat-D90 301.JPG BBatEntiat-D90 312.JPG
BBatEntiat-D90 323.JPG BBatEntiat-D90 332.JPG BBatEntiat-D90 336.JPG
BBatEntiat-D90 337.JPG BBEntiat 096.JPG BBEntiat 102.JPG
BBEntiat 108.JPG BBEntiat 115.JPG BBEntiat 121.JPG
BBEntiat 122.JPG BBEntiat 137.JPG  

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