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Varsity Photos vs. Bridgeport 1-23-09

Manson 45 - Bridgeport 49


The Trojans play at Entiat tonight, Tuesday, Jan. 27th.

Game time 7:30 p.m.

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By Nancy Miller

Manson 45 - Bridgeport 49

BB-homeBridgeport 125.JPG BB-homeBridgeport 129.JPG BB-homeBridgeport 131.JPG
BB-homeBridgeport 142.JPG BB-homeBridgeport 148.JPG BB-homeBridgeport 149.JPG
BB-homeBridgeport 155.JPG BB-homeBridgeport 160.JPG BB-homeBridgeport 162.JPG
BB-homeBridgeport 168.JPG BB-homeBridgeport 182.JPG BB-homeBridgeport 183.JPG
BB-homeBridgeport 190.JPG BB-homeBridgeport 195.JPG BB-homeBridgeport 201.JPG
BB-homeBridgeport 217.JPG BB-homeBridgeport 221.JPG BB-homeBridgeport 222.JPG
BB-homeBridgeport 227.JPG BB-homeBridgeport 248.JPG BB-homeBridgeport 249.JPG
BB-homeBridgeport 260.JPG BB-homeBridgeport 261.JPG BB-homeBridgeport 286.JPG
BB-homeBridgeport 289.JPG BB-homeBridgeport 292.JPG BB-homeBridgeport 295.JPG
BBvsBridgeport 1273.JPG BBvsBridgeport 1274.JPG BBvsBridgeport 898.JPG
BBvsBridgeport 925.JPG    

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