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JV Trojan Boys vs. Chelan C 1-22-09


Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Manson JV Boys Take Chelan ‘C’


Photos by Nancy Miller

Fernando Vasquez sinks another one for Manson


Manson JV Trojans 53- Chelan 'C' 29




 Coach Scott Ward reports…. 

This was probably about as well as I've seen our boys play all year.  They played pretty good basketball against a really good and young Chelan C team.  I didn't see a lot of the mental mistakes and silly turnovers that I have seen throughout the first half of the season. 


For the most part they made good decisions, took care of the basketball, played pretty well on the defensive end, and were aggressive offensively.  It's really nice for me to see the boys improving and putting forth the effort to become better basketball players. 


This was a great team effort and everybody contributed all aspects of the game.

Coach Ward

Scoring Summary

First Quarter-      Manson 12 - Chelan 9
Second Quarter-  Manson 29 - Chelan 13
Third Quarter-     Manson 41 - Chelan 23
Fourth Quarter-   Manson 53 - Chelan 29


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by Nancy Miller


Manson Trojan Boy's JV 53 vs. Chelan C 29

BBJV-Chelan1-09 026.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 028.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 037.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 041.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 048.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 049.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 058.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 062.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 089.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 090.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 095.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 100.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 105.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 107.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 119.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 122.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 123.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 128.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 131.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 134.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 138.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 181.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 187.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 188.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 194.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 196.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 214.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 223.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 226.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 227.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 228.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 231.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 240.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 246.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 252.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 253.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 268.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 270.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 277.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 280.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 285.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 286.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 288.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 299.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 304.JPG

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