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JV Lady Trojans vs. Chelan C 1-22-09

Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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JV Lady Trojans Rock The House


Photos by Nancy Miller

The Lady Trojans keep the pressure on Chelan


Manson JV Lady Trojans 32- Chelan ‘C’ 29



 Coach Bennett reports...


This was a very exciting game for the JV Lady Trojans on Thursday night, Jan. 22nd against Chelan ‘C’ team! This was our second win against Chelan.


Amanda Buck hit the basket that tied the game with less than a minute left and then made the pass that led to the winning basket.


Ofelia Rodriguez played her best game of the season, scoring 6 points, playing good defense and rebounding.


Thalia Lepley scored 4 and was a force on the boards.


Eva Escoto played at the point on offense and defense, and did a great job scoring (8), and pressuring on defense.


Yesenia Escoto provided excellent leadership, scored 8, and had several steals and assists.


It was a total team effort, with balanced scoring, good hustle and a feeling of excitement for all players. 


Great win TEAM!


The Trojans host Bridgeport tonight with the JV Lady Trojans playing at 4:30 p.m. in the old gym.


Hope to see you there!




Yesenia Escoto: 8

Eva Escoto: 8

Ofelia Rodriguez: 6

Thalia Lepley: 4

Cheyanne McFadden: 2

Ally Mendivil: 2

Amanda Buck: 2


Click On Photos To View Enlargement

By Nancy Miller

Manson JV Lady Trojans 32- Chelan 'C' 29
BBJV-Chelan1-09 318.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 322.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 323.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 325.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 330.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 331.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 337.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 340.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 344.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 352.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 356.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 357.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 366.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 376.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 379.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 384.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 385.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 390.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 398.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 399.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 448.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 449.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 454.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 460.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 462.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 490.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 508.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 509.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 510.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 516.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 525.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 527.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 528.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 534.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 556.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 562.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 563.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 566.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 580.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 598.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 604.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 635.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 636.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 637.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 638.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 646.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 654.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 668.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 675.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 677.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 679.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 696.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 713.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 733.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 734.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 741.JPG BBJV-Chelan1-09 752.JPG
BBJV-Chelan1-09 753.JPG JVGirls1-22-09 068.jpg Science1-22-09 062.JPG
Science1-22-09 068.JPG Science1-22-09 102.JPG Science1-22-09 110 (2).JPG
Science1-22-09 110.JPG Science1-22-09 118.JPG Science1-22-09 128.JPG
Science1-22-09 130.JPG Science1-22-09 131.JPG Science1-22-09 133.JPG

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