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Varsity Trojans vs, Soap Lake 1-20-09


Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Manson Trojans Loose Heartbreaker in last 60 Seconds!


Photos by Nancy Miller

Ruben Guillen was SCORCHING HOT in the 1st quarter with 19 points!


Manson 49 – Soap Lake 51



 Varsity Trojans Game report by Coach Hill  


The boys played a very good and exciting game last night. They jumped out a big lead in the first with Ruben Guillen and Alex Escalera leading the way. Ruben Guillen was shooting lights out from behind the 3-point line! Soap Lake slowly clawed their way back into the game lead by their all everything player (Kyler Moats) and their outside shooting during the second quarter. Then at the beginning of the third quarter Schuyler Neff took over for Manson as the Trojans once again built another double-digit lead only to see it disappear during the fourth quarter. Manson had a six point lead with just less than 2 minutes to play when Soap Lake got some huge offensive rebounds and made some very big free-throws.


Manson played extremely hard throughout the entire game, every time Soap Lake would come back with a big run of their own the boys buckled down and did all that they could to keep the lead. Defensively this was one of the better games for Manson; they created many turnovers and got some big blocked shots against Moats inside.


Jordan Pittman and Robbie Pittman owned the key for much of the game, unfortunately they both got tired at times during the game, but both of them still came up with many boards and loose balls. Ruben Guillen shot the ball very well and had he been able to continue his first quarter shooting all game long this easily could have been a Manson victory going away. Luckily for Manson Schuyler Neff got into the flow of things during the second half and kept the Trojans in the game. Alex Escalera, Osbaldo Escoto, Wade Gross, Schuyler Neff and Ruben Guillen all did a great job taking turns guarding Soap Lakes' Kyler Moats.


The Trojans take on Bridgeport at home on Friday, Jan. 23rd. at 7:30 p.m.



   Mrs. Neff submits Game Score and Stats: 

Game Stats:

Ruben Guillen 18 points

Schuyler Neff 11 points

Alex Escalara 11 points

Rob Pittman 06 points

Osbaldo Escoto 2 points

Jordan Pittman

Wade Gross

Javier Guillen


Quarter Scoring:


Manson            19  22  34  49


Soap Lake        11  24  32  51



Soap Lake Scoring; K. Moats 16, Z. Allen 2, D. Coreas 13 and A. Overal 8



  Coach Crollard's report...

It was a disappointing loss for the team. The guys really played hard last night and I finally saw the heart and determination that I’ve been looking for all year come out in this game. We outplayed Soap Lake in every aspect of the game and couldn’t hold a 6 point lead with 1:15 to go in the game. I hope we learned a valuable lesson in ball control and playing with confidence throughout the whole 32 minutes not just 30 and change. We battled through some tough calls, but in the end we couldn’t hang on.


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By Nancy Miller

Manson Trojans Loose Heartbreaker in last 60 Seconds!
Manson 49 - Soap Lake 51

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BBvsSL-D50 682.JPG BBvsSL-D90 097.JPG BBvsSL-D90 100.JPG
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BBvsSL-D90 430.JPG BBvsSL-D90 447.JPG BBvsSL-D90 449.JPG
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