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JV Trojan Boys vs. Oroville 1-16-09


Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Photos by Nancy Miller

Miguel Lopez scores 31 points



Manson JV Boys 69 - Oroville 73



 Coach Scott Ward reports…. 
This was a very hard fought basketball game against Oroville who outlasted our boys in double overtime by 4 points. The game was action packed and very exciting to watch, coach, and I'm sure it was exciting for our players who had the opportunity to participate.  These were two teams that were fairly matched and neither wanted to lose. 
The first quarter began with Manson taking the lead 14 to 12.  In the second quarter Oroville made a run and outscored us by 9 points taking the half time lead with the score, Manson 21 - Oroville 28.  We played like we were a little tired in the second quarter and gave up too many easy baskets in transition by not hustling back on defense.  The third quarter was pretty even and we went into the fourth quarter down by 9, 35 to 44. 
In the fourth quarter our boys decided to make a run and outscored Oroville 23 to 14 to take the game into overtime.  We actually took control of the game in the final minutes but couldn't hit our free throws to give us a large enough margin to hold on.  I give a lot of credit to the Oroville player who hit 2 very big free throws with 2 seconds remaining in the game to put it into overtime.  He was put in the position to keep his team alive and stepped up. 
The first overtime was very competitive as well and came down a different Oroville player who hit a very big 3-point shot with only seconds remaining to put the game into the second overtime.  He was well defended and had a couple of hands in his face but still managed to hit the big shot when it counted. 
In the last overtime of the game we got into a little foul trouble and seemed to run out of gas.  We lost our top scorer, Miguel Lopez, who received his 5th foul and had to take a seat after a very well played game.  Miguel finished the game with 31 points.
Oroville seemed to take over the momentum after the big 3-point bucket that ended the first overtime and never looked back.  I feel that both teams showed an enormous amount of heart and determination but in the end it was Oroville that made the big buckets when they counted.  
Top Scores for Manson:
Miguel Lopez - 31
Javier Guillen - 16
David Sadano - 7
Colton Hodges - 4

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By Nancy Miller

Manson JV Boys 69 - Oroville 73
BBOroville-D90 085.JPG BBOroville-D90 086.JPG BBOroville-D90 087.JPG
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BBOroville-D90 093.JPG BBOroville-D90 094.JPG BBOroville-D90 108.JPG
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BBOroville-D90 122.JPG BBOroville-D90 123.JPG BBOroville-D90 665.JPG
BBOroville-D90 666.JPG BBOroville-D90 667.JPG BBOroville-D90 668.JPG
BBOroville-D90 669.JPG BBOroville-D90 670.JPG BBOroville-D90 671.JPG
BBOroville-D90 672.JPG BBOroville-D90 675.JPG BBOroville-D90 678.JPG
BBOroville-D90 679.JPG BBOroville-D90 680.JPG BBOroville-D90 681.JPG
BBOroville-D90 682.JPG BBOroville-D90 683.JPG BBOroville-D90 684.JPG
BBOroville-D90 685.JPG BBOroville-D90 686.JPG BBOroville-D90 687.JPG
BBOroville-D90 688.JPG BBOroville-D90 691.JPG BBOroville-D90 692.JPG
BBOroville-D90 693.JPG BBOroville-D90 694.JPG BBOroville-D90 695.JPG
BBOroville-D90 696.JPG BBOroville-D90 697.JPG BBOroville-D90 698.JPG
BBOroville-D90 699.JPG BBOroville-D90 700.JPG BBOroville-D90 701.JPG
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BBOroville-D90 706.JPG BBOroville-D90 707.JPG BBOroville-D90 708.JPG
BBOroville-D90 709.JPG BBOroville-D90 710.JPG BBOroville-D90 711.JPG
BBOroville-D90 712.JPG BBOroville-D90 713.JPG BBOroville-D90 714.JPG
BBOroville-D90 715.JPG BBOroville-D90 716.JPG BBOroville-D90 718.JPG



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Produced by Heidi Neal

writer for Manson School District


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