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JV Lady Trojans vs. Liberty Bell 1-13-09

Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Photos by Nancy Miller

Ally Mendivill has a great game her 1st time out



 Coach Hill  reports…. 

Cheyanne McFadden showed her great speed by making a nice break-away lay-in off of a steal. Eva Escoto had 3 points, Alejandra Mendivill had 4 points in her first game of the year (she is improving EVERY day,) Ofelia Rodriguez had 2 points, Mindy (shooter) Neal had 4 points on 2 outside shots, Yessenia Escoto had 2 points and Angelica Suarez had 1 point.

The girls did a great job of adjusting in the third quarter to what Liberty Bell was doing, that quarter was by far their best of the night on both the offensive end and the defensive end of the floor.

Ally Mendivill had a great game, as she was extremely aggressive on both defense and offense and she worked hard to get the ball and find ways to score. Amanda Buck and Mindy Neal led us in rebounds with 3 and Amanda for 2. Eva Escoto and Yessenia Escoto had 2 steals each. Sierra Miller worked hard on defense.

The difference in this game was the great shooters Liberty Bell had from the outside and the fact that whenever they got rebounds they looked up the court to get the fast break going, and for the most part they finished their lay-ins on those fast breaks.

Mindy Neal: 4 pts., 3 rebounds

Alejandra Mendivill: 4 pts.

Eva Escoto: 3 pts., 2 steals

Ofelia Rodriguez: 2 pts.

Yessenia Escoto: 2 pts., 2 steals

Angelica Suarez: 1 pt.

Cheyanne McFadden: 0, 1 steal

Amanda Buck: 2 rebounds

Sierra Miller:

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By Nancy Miller

MANSON JV Lady Trojans 18 @ LIBERTY BELL 41

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