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Varsity Trojans vs. Waterville 1-09-09

Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Varsity Trojans EXPLODE!


Photos by Nancy Miller

Senior, Wade Gross scores a great lay in for Manson


Manson 61 - Waterville 38



  Coach Crollard report….

This was by far the best game of the season for our team. They came out with an intensity and confidence that I have yet to see in any of the other games. I was impressed with our defensive effort. We ran a diamond and one on their leading scorer and held him to 6 points. Alex, Osbaldo, and Ruben all played great defense on him when called upon to do so. We rebounded well and pushed the ball up the floor, it was a very fast paced game.


I hope the team continues to build confidence as the year goes on. Jordan, Rob, and Wade did a good job of defending the paint. Alex led the team with 6 steals and Schuyler did a good job of setting up the offense.





Heidi Neal reports...


The Manson Trojans played an awesome game both offensively and defensively at home Saturday night January 9th beating the Waterville Shockers. They took an early lead at the end of the 1st quarter and dominated the Shockers at the boards in the 4th quarter. Alex Escalara led the Trojans in scoring with 20 points.

Final score Manson 61 - Waterville 38.


Thank you to Manson Varsity Score Keeper, Sue Neff for providing the game stats and to Nancy Miller for your dedication to the Manson School District for sharing all your time and talents photographing and editing the thousands of photo memories you have captured and capture of our fine Manson students and community!


The Manson Pep Band, directed by Matt Brown provided their excellent selections to build added excitement for the games and during the Community Chile Feed. And Manson basketball cheerleaders, Amanda Buck and Mireya Escalera led the Blue Krew with cheers. This was their first game to cheer at this season and their advisor is Julie Brown. Click here for band photos.


The half time entertainment was provided by the Manson 3rd and 4th graders in an A.A.U. scrimmage. Click here for the great story, photos and video.


Over 180 guests were served at the Manson Community Chili Dinner prior to the game tip off.  Click here for the story and photos.


Stayed tuned for Coach Crollard’s report….


Alex Escalara: 20 points

Schuyler Neff: 10 points

Wade Gross: 09 points

Jordan Pittman: 09 points

Osbaldo Escoto: 08 points

Ruben Guillen: 04 points

Rob Pittman: 01 points

Javier Guillen: 02



Game Scoring Summary:

1st  Quarter:  Manson 20 – Waterville 08

2nd Quarter:  Manson 30 –  Waterville 16

3rd Quarter:  Manson 42 –  Waterville 30

4th Quarter:  Manson 61 –  Waterville 38

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By Nancy Miller

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Varsity Trojans Sink Waterville
Manson Trojans 61- Waterville 38
Alex tips into the bucket 536.jpg BBhomevsWatervl 392.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 393.JPG
BBhomevsWatervl 394.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 395.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 396.JPG
BBhomevsWatervl 397.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 404.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 406.JPG
BBhomevsWatervl 407.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 412.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 419.JPG
BBhomevsWatervl 421.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 422.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 430.JPG
BBhomevsWatervl 435.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 436.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 438.JPG
BBhomevsWatervl 445.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 448.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 451.JPG
BBhomevsWatervl 452.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 453.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 457.JPG
BBhomevsWatervl 462.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 516.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 530.JPG
BBhomevsWatervl 533.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 534.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 536.JPG
BBhomevsWatervl 544.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 545.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 547.JPG
BBhomevsWatervl 602.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 613.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 614.JPG
BBhomevsWatervl 615.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 631.JPG BBJan09-09D90 073.JPG
BBJan09-09D90 074.JPG BBJan09-09D90 100.JPG BBJan09-09D90 102.JPG
BBJan09-09D90 106.JPG BBJan09-09D90 107.JPG BBJan09-09D90 146.JPG
BBJan09-09D90 147.JPG    



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