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Manson 3rd & 4th Grade Half Time Show


Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

 GoLakeChelan ~ Manson School District

Photos by Nancy Miller

These Future Trojans ~3rd & 4th grade Manson A.A.U. players are fast on their feet!



Future Manson Trojans of 2017 and 2018 surely have what it takes to go to State Championships in basketball play after seeing their basketball skills on the court on Saturday, January 9th.


3rd and 4th grade boys that attend Manson Elementary and are members of the Manson A.A.U. held an exciting scrimmage that had the crowd on their feet cheering.


Manson Secondary Principal, Don Vanderholm served as referee and Superintendent, Matt Charlton made an awesome MC calling the play by play action.


All the young athletes played a hard straight 5 minutes of action packed ball and came away all smiling and thrilled with delight.


Here’s to you Future Manson Trojans!



Enjoy the video presentation by Heidi Neal

Featuring Photos by Nancy Miller


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By Nancy Miller
Manson 3rd & 4th Grade A.A.U.
Provide Half Time Show at
Boys' Varsity Basketball Game
January 09, 2009 MHS vs. Waterville
AAUboysBB..jpg BBhomevsWatervl 463.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 464.JPG
BBhomevsWatervl 465.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 466.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 467.JPG
BBhomevsWatervl 468.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 469.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 470.JPG
BBhomevsWatervl 471.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 472.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 475.JPG
BBhomevsWatervl 477.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 478.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 479.JPG
BBhomevsWatervl 483.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 484.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 485.JPG
BBhomevsWatervl 486.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 487.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 488.JPG
BBhomevsWatervl 490.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 491.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 493.JPG
BBhomevsWatervl 494.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 495.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 496.JPG
BBhomevsWatervl 497.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 498.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 499.JPG
BBhomevsWatervl 502.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 503.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 505.JPG
BBhomevsWatervl 507.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 509.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 511.JPG
BBhomevsWatervl 512.JPG BBhomevsWatervl 513.JPG BBhomevsWatervl474.jpg
BBhomevsWatervl480.jpg BBhomevsWatervl481.jpg BBhomevsWatervl482.jpg
BBhomevsWatervl492.jpg BBhomevsWatervl493.jpg BBhomevsWatervl500.jpg
BBhomevsWatervl501.jpg BBhomevsWatervl506.jpg BBhomevsWatervl508.jpg
BBhomevsWatervl510.jpg BBJan09-09D90 171.JPG BBJan09-09D90 173.JPG
BBJan09-09D90 174.JPG BBJan09-09D90 175.JPG BBJan09-09D90 176.JPG
BBJan09-09D90 178.JPG BBJan09-09D90 179.JPG BBJan09-09D90 181.JPG
BBJan09-09D90 185.JPG BBJan09-09D90 188.JPG BBJan09-09D90 189.JPG
BBJan09-09D90 191.JPG BBJan09-09D90 192.JPG BBJan09-09D90 193.JPG
BBJan09-09D90 194.JPG BBJan09-09D90 195.JPG BBJan09-09D90 196.JPG
BBJan09-09D90 197.JPG BBJan09-09D90 198.JPG BBJan09-09D90 199.JPG
BBJan09-09D90 200.JPG BBJan09-09D90 201.JPG BBJan09-09D90 202.JPG
BBJan09-09D90 203.JPG BBJan09-09D90 204.JPG BBJan09-09D90 205.JPG

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