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JV Lady Trojans vs. Kittitas 1-3-09

Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

 GoLakeChelan ~ Manson School District

Manson 19 - Kittitas 41


 Coach Bennett reports...



We were short handed due to winter break.  They were very tall in comparison.  The girls played hard, but didn’t score very well.  Only 2 players did not score.  We are working on blocking out, rebounding, and playing against a man-to-man defense today to get ready for Entiat on Tuesday, Jan. 6th.  No game for JV girls on Friday, Jan. 9th against Waterville


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JV Lady Trojans 19 - Kittitas 41
BBatKittitas1-09 012.JPG BBatKittitas1-09 024.JPG BBatKittitas1-09 032.JPG
BBatKittitas1-09 039.JPG BBatKittitas1-09 045.JPG BBatKittitas1-09 046.JPG
BBatKittitas1-09 050.JPG BBatKittitas1-09 058.JPG BBatKittitas1-09 059.JPG
BBatKittitas1-09 066.JPG BBatKittitas1-09 067.JPG BBatKittitas1-09 068.JPG
BBvstKittitasD90 008.JPG BBvstKittitasD90 009.JPG BBvstKittitasD90 047.JPG
BBvstKittitasD90 064.JPG BBvstKittitasD90 130.JPG BBvstKittitasD90 143.JPG



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