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JV Boys 12-18-08










Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

 GoLakeChelan ~ Manson School District


Manson JV 29 ~ Chelan C 45



Javier Guillen  sinks a free-throw



















 Coach Ward reports…


The scoring was led by Javier Guillen -10 and Jacob Cleveland -4.  Other scorers included; Danny Luna-2, Fernando Vasquez-2, Ammon Simmons-2, Ty Harding-2, Rafael Ocampo-2, Nathan Coggins-2, and Miguel Lopez-2.  Our rebounding was led by Nathan Coggins.
It was a defensive battle all game and we just couldn't seem to get anything going offensively.  Chelan did a great job defensively by pressuring the basketball and not allowing our guards to get anything going.  I feel that it was a good learning experience for our team and identified some areas that we really need to work on before we begin our regular season in January. 


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By Nancy Miller

Manson Trojans JV/C VS. Chelan C * 12/18/08

BBatChelan-D90 001.JPG BBatChelan-D90 002.JPG BBatChelan-D90 003.JPG
BBatChelan-D90 004.JPG BBatChelan-D90 005.JPG BBatChelan-D90 006.JPG
BBatChelan-D90 011.JPG BBatChelan-D90 012.JPG BBatChelan-D90 013.JPG
BBatChelan-D90 014.JPG BBatChelan-D90 015.JPG BBatChelan-D90 017.JPG
BBatChelan-D90 020.JPG BBatChelan-D90 021.JPG BBatChelan-D90 022.JPG
BBatChelan-D90 023.JPG BBatChelan-D90 025.JPG BBatChelan-D90 029.JPG
BBatChelan-D90 030.JPG BBatChelan-D90 032.JPG BBatChelan-D90 033.JPG
BBatChelan-D90 034.JPG BBatChelan-D90 035.JPG BBatChelan-D90 036.JPG
BBatChelan-D90 037.JPG BBatChelan-D90 038.JPG BBatChelan-D90 039.JPG
BBatChelan-D90 040.JPG BBatChelan-D90 041.JPG BBatChelan-D90 042.JPG
BBvsChelan 053.JPG BBvsChelan 073.JPG BBvsChelan 075.JPG
BBvsChelan 079.JPG BBvsChelan 085.JPG BBvsChelan 097.JPG
BBvsChelan 104.JPG BBvsChelan 105.JPG BBvsChelan 122.JPG
BBvsChelan 123.JPG BBvsChelan 126.JPG BBvsChelan 133.JPG
BBvsChelan 136.JPG BBvsChelan 140.JPG BBvsChelan 160.JPG
BBvsChelan 167.JPG BBvsChelan%20109.jpg DSCI0001.JPG




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