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V Boys 12-16-08

Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Manson 70 – Mansfield 37  


Photos by Nancy Miller

Jordan Pittman goes up for the shot


























  Coach Crollard report….



I was proud of the way the guys came out and played tonight. Everyone got a lot of playing time and they worked hard to improve on the things we didn’t do Saturday night. Jordan Pittman had a huge game for us, scoring 17 points and adding 12 rebounds. He really dominated the paint when he was in the game and you could tell that he worked hard all week in practice on being physical and taking the ball strong to the basket.


Our full court press created some turnovers which led to some easy baskets. Ammon Simmons also had a good all around game for us, grabbing 6 rebounds and getting 3 steals.


Mansfield played us tough throughout the first quarter and was only down 2 at the end of 1. Alex Escalera added 8 points and 6 assists and Ruben Guillen added 13 points. All I ask for is that the guys give me their best and leave everything on the floor each night and we did that tonight.


If we continue to work hard in practice and work on the fundamentals of the game we will be ready to go for our first league match up at Kittitas on Jan. 3rd.  


Thank you for your support to the Trojans!


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By Nancy Miller

Manson 70 - Mansfield 37

12-08+BB-D90 1012.JPG 12-08+BB-D90 1022.JPG 12-08+BB-D90 1033.JPG
12-08+BB-D90 1052.JPG 12-08+BB-D90 1053.JPG 12-08+BB-D90 1057.JPG
12-08+BB-D90 1077.JPG 12-08+BB-D90 1082.JPG 12-08+BB-D90 1083.JPG
12-08+BB-D90 752.JPG 12-08+BB-D90 756.JPG 12-08+BB-D90 758.JPG
12-08+BB-D90 759.JPG 12-08+BB-D90 820.JPG 12-08+BB-D90 855.JPG
12-08+BB-D90 869.JPG 12-08+BB-D90 891.JPG 12-08+BB-D90 917.JPG
12-08+BB-D90 975.JPG 12-08+BB-D90 989.JPG 12-08+BB-D90 993.JPG
MHBBvsMansf12-16-08 322.JPG MHBBvsMansf12-16-08 326.JPG MHBBvsMansf12-16-08 327.JPG
MHBBvsMansf12-16-08 330.JPG MHBBvsMansf12-16-08 343.JPG MHBBvsMansf12-16-08 355.JPG
MHBBvsMansf12-16-08 401.JPG MHBBvsMansf12-16-08 402.JPG  



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