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V Boys 12-13-08


Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Photos by Nancy Miller

Rob Pittman gets the rebound


Manson 35 - Pateros 44 


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By Nancy Miller


12/13/08  home



  Coach Crollard report….


It was a defensive battle through three quarters as the Trojans were down three at the end of the third quarter 34 to 31. Pateros held the rebounding edge due to Abe Wilson and Brandton Harvey crashing the offensive glass. We just couldn’t block those two big guys out. Our players need to understand the importance of finding a man and putting a body on them. We don’t have the size to over power teams.


As the head coach I feel I need to put the blame on myself. We need to go back and work on the little things that will allow our team to be successful. I need to find 5 guys who will work well together out on the floor and who will use the fundamentals that they have learned over the course of the season.


We definitely had our chances to win this game, unfortunately we couldn’t convert easy baskets in the paint, we had 26 turnovers, and our free throw shooting was 12 for 24.


We played well on the defensive end of the floor, but couldn’t execute offensively and our shots just weren’t falling.


Schuyler Neff led the team with 9 points and Osbaldo Escoto added 8. Rob Pittman led the team with 7 rebounds. Abe Wilson and Bandton Harvey scored 14 apiece for Pateros.


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Manson Trojans 35 - Pateros 44

D50-12-13-08vsPateros 274.JPG D50-12-13-08vsPateros 285.JPG D50-12-13-08vsPateros 289.JPG
D50-12-13-08vsPateros 292.JPG D50-12-13-08vsPateros 305.JPG D50-12-13-08vsPateros 306.JPG
D50-12-13-08vsPateros 348.JPG D50-12-13-08vsPateros 354.JPG D50-12-13-08vsPateros 360.JPG
D50-12-13-08vsPateros 361.JPG D50-12-13-08vsPateros 366.JPG D50-12-13-08vsPateros 374.JPG
D50-12-13-crop360.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 1151.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 1159.JPG
Dec13-BBvsPateros 1160.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 1162.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 1186.JPG
Dec13-BBvsPateros 1201.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 1202.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 1208.JPG
Dec13-BBvsPateros 1217.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 1218.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 1229.JPG
Dec13-BBvsPateros 1259.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 1287.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 1312.JPG
Dec13-BBvsPateros 1315.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 1316.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 1317.JPG
Dec13-BBvsPateros 1320.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 1325.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 1330.JPG
Dec13-BBvsPateros 1334.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 1340.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 1343.JPG
Dec13-BBvsPateros 1356.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 1358.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 1363.JPG
Dec13-BBvsPateros 1366.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 1375.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 1404.JPG
Dec13-BBvsPateros 978.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros crop1217.JPG  




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