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JV Lady 12-13-08

JV Lady Trojans vs. Pateros


Photos by Nancy Miller

Mindy Neal and Ofelia Rodriguez battle to take the ball from Pateros


Manson 17 – Pateros 16



 Coach Bennett reports...


The JV Lady Trojans won their game against Pateros on Saturday night in four periods of play.  Coach Bennett shared, “All the ladies played very well. And each player made the changes during the game they were asked to do. It is wonderful when team members take direction well.”


Amanda Buck: 4 pts. 3 rebounds

Mindy Neal: 4 pts. 3 rebounds

Angelica Suarez: 4 pts. 1 rebound

Abby Bridgewater: 2 pts. 1 rebound

Ofelia Rodriguez: 2 pts. 2 rebounds

Sierra Miller:1 pt. 2 rebounds

Thalia Lepley: 0 pts. 9 rebounds

Cheyanne McFadden: 0 pts. 1 rebound

Natalie Martinez: 0 pts. 0 rebounds


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By Nancy Miller

JV Lady Trojans vs. Pateros
Manson 17 - Pateros 16

AmandavsPateros 038.jpg D50-12-13-08vsPateros 042.JPG D50-12-13-08vsPateros 045.JPG
D50-12-13-08vsPateros 046.JPG D50-12-13-08vsPateros 052.JPG D50-12-13-08vsPateros 082.JPG
D50-12-13-08vsPateros 095.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 016.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 023.JPG
Dec13-BBvsPateros 026.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 027.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 033.JPG
Dec13-BBvsPateros 056.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 071.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 103.JPG
Dec13-BBvsPateros 200.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 263.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 266.JPG
Dec13-BBvsPateros 271.JPG Dec13-BBvsPateros 322.JPG OfeliavsPateros 024.jpg


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