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JV Boys 12-13-08


Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

 GoLakeChelan ~ Manson School District


Manson 39 - Pateros 33


Photo by Nancy Miller

JV Trojans Over Pateros


 Coach Ward reports…


Nathan Coggins led the team in rebounding.  We played a very good first half, only allowing Pateros 7 points. Our lead scorers were Rafael Ocamop with 16 pts. and Nathan Coggins with 7 pts. Five other players chipped in to make up the remaining 16 points.   


Our defense and rebounding was much improved since the first time we played.  During the second half we had too many turnovers and allowed too many transition baskets which allowed Pateros back into the game.  But in the end we held onto a narrow lead and got the "w" over a very good Pateros team. 

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