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V Lady 12-09-08

Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Manson Varsity Lady Trojans 45 - Mansfield Kernels 23


Photos by Nancy Miller

Vetta Maynard sinks another basket















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By Nancy Miller

 Coach Hill reports….                                                     

Coach Hill reports…

This was a great win for the Lady Trojans! They really worked hard even when things were not going so good during the second quarter. The first quarter the girls showed just how good they can be as they ended the quarter up 16-0.

Photos by Nancy Miller

Whitni England takes the ball from Mansfield.


Vetta Maynard did a great job at both ends of the floor as she stole inbounds passes many times which led to many of our baskets, she also hit 5 three-pointers for the game. Whitni England once again made life miserable for the opposing team’s point guard throughout the game. Marci Nelson and Hailey Ellsworth both played fantastic defense as they took turns guarding Mansfield’s' best player (who was averaging over 20 points) and holding her to 12 total points. Veronica Vanderholm, Abby Bridgewater and Angelica Suarez all played very physical defense making it difficult for Mansfield to get open shots on the inside. Verna LaCourse had a good game on the boards as she pulled down some very crucial rebounds in a tight 3rd quarter.

Mindy Neal, Sierra Miller and Cheyanne McFadden all stepped up and played very well in the fourth quarter. McFadden even came in and did all of the ball-handling when she entered the game against Mansfield’s starters! Mansfield did not have a girls JV team so no JV game was played.


Thank you to all the fans that traveled to Mansfield to support the Manson Trojan Teams! Your support means a great deal to our athletes. And thank you to the Mansfield team for hosting the games.

We have a huge test on Saturday with Pateros coming to town! The Manson JV game time is at 4:30 p.m. with the ladies playing in the main gym and the boys playing in the old gym. Varsity Lady Trojans’ tip off at 6:00 p.m. and the Trojans tip off at 7:00 p.m.  


Player Stats:

Vetta Maynard: 24 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist, 8 steals
Marci Nelson: 2 points, 7 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals
Whitni England: 5 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 7 steals
Verna LaCourse: 4 points, 5 rebounds, 1 steal
Abby Bridgewater: 2 points, 4 rebounds, 3 steals
Veronica Vanderholm: 3 points, 2 steals
Hailey Ellsworth: 2 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist, 5 steals
Angelica Suarez: 3 points, 1 rebounds, 1 assist
Mindy Neal: 1 rebound
Cheyanne McFadden:
Sierra Miller:


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By Nancy Miller

MHS Varsity Lady Trojans vs. Mansfield 12/9/08
Manson 45 Mansfield 23

MHBBvsMansf-D50 199.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 200.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 201.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 206.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 209.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 212.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 216.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 218.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 223.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 224.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 227.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 230.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 233.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 235.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 242.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 243.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 245.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 248.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 249.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 251.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 253.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 254.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 256.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 258.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 262.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 263.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 271.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 272.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 273.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 274.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 283.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 285.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 287.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 293.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 298.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 300.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 301.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 302.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 304.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 310.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 325.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 328.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 329.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 330.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 331.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 339.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 340.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 346.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 347.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 348.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 519.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 540.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 547.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 555.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 556.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 560.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 564.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 571.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 574.JPG MHBBvsMansfield20012.jpg

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