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JV Boys 12-09-08

Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

 GoLakeChelan ~ Manson School District

JV- Manson 74 - Mansfield 19


Photos by Nancy Miller

Miguel Lopez ready to make another basket
















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By Nancy Miller


 Coach Ward reports…


The JV Trojans played against Mansfield JV that with only six players who really battled hard but due to only having 6 players they got tired as the game progressed on Tuesday, December 9thMansfield played tough and well for the first half of the game but our deeper bench allowed us to keep our legs fresh and pull away in the 4th quarter.  Mansfield was in a position where they had to save a couple of their better players for the varsity game, which meant that they had several guys that played the whole game without a break. I was really proud of the way we played on the defensive end of the court and the Trojans rebounded the ball much better than last week. I commend the Mansfield players for their efforts and determination. 


9 out of 11 players scored and all team members contributed to the winning outcome.


Leading Scorers: 

Freshman- Colton Hodges 15 pts.  (3/4 from the free throw line)

Sophomore- Miguel Lopez 15 pts.

Sophomore- Jacob Cleveland 14 pts.

Senior- David Sadano 14 pts.


“Thank you for your continued support to the Manson Trojans!”



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By Nancy Miller

Varsity- Manson 69 - Mansfield 36

MHBBvsMansf-D50 587.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 593.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 610.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 611.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 612.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 619.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 620.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 627.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 628.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 636.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 642.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 645.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 651.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 654.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 655.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 665.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 671.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 672.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 675.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 682.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 684.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 689.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 697.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 700.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 702.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 731.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 765.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 768.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 770.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 774.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 794.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 795.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 798.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 799.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 837.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 852.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 858.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 860.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 865.JPG
MHBBvsMansf-D50 866.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 867.JPG MHBBvsMansf-D50 884.JPG



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