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V Lady 12-02-08

Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Manson 50 - Pateros 26

12/2/08 @ Pateros


Photos by Nancy Miller

Hailey Ellsworth goes up for the tip-off against Pateros






















 Coach Hill reports….                  

"The Varsity Lady Trojans played really well for their first time out this season. This was a very tough non-league game against the Pateros Billy Goats, that were very big and physical, but our girls did not back down at all. Whitni England did a great job of handling the ball and getting the offense moving all game long, she also had a great performance on the defensive end as she hounded every point guard that Pateros had. Vetta Maynard and Marci Nelson really worked hard on the offensive end. Maynard found ways to get open shots, while Nelson did her best to get offensive rebounds to get her 12 points.

Vetta Maynard speeds down the court


Hailey Ellsworth showed that she can take any challenge and succeed as she got really tough and aggressive after halftime and really became a varsity basketball player. Many of our players came up very big with Angelica Suarez leading defense on Pateros’s best players throughout the game, Abby Bridgewater came up with some very crucial rebounds early in the game, Verna LaCourse worked the post and created numerous fast-break opportunities for us, Yessenia Escoto played numerous positions throughout the game and Mindy Neal came in and took some very nice shots. Lastly, Veronica Vanderholm showed a lot of heart guarding much bigger girls than her and in the end she will definitely be remembered after this game for how physical she played throughout."

Whitni England 4 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist, 5 steals
Marci Nelson 12 points, 4 rebounds, 4 steals
Vetta Maynard 16 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist, 4 steals
Veronica Vanderholm 6 points, 5 rebounds, 1 steal
Hailey Ellsworth 6 rebounds, 3 steals
Verna LaCourse 2 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals
Yessenia Escoto 2 points, 3 rebounds, 1 steal
Mindy Neal 1 rebound
Abby Bridgewater 2 points, 5 rebounds

Angelica Suarez


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By Nancy Miller

Victory for Varsity Lady Trojan's Season Opener 12/2/08
Manson 50 - Pateros 26

MHSBBvsPateros 231.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 236.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 241.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 253.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 257.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 264.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 271.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 274.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 276.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 280.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 282.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 286.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 288.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 290.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 292.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 293.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 296.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 306.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 310.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 311.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 317.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 319.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 320.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 326.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 331.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 333.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 334.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 335.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 338.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 350.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 351.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 352.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 358.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 359.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 360.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 365.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 366.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 373.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 374.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 375.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 377.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 381.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 383.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 386.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 389.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 390.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 391.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 392.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 395.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 396.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 400.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 402.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 403.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 405.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 407.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 408.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 413.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 426.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 428.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 429.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 430.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 432.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 433.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 434.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 435.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 436.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 441.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 444.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 445.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 451.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 455.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 456.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 460.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 462.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 463.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 470.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 473.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 474.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 475.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 477.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 483.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 484.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 485.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 488.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 491.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 492.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 493.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 496.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 497.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 498.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 504.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 506.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 508.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 510.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 511.JPG  



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