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JV Lady 12-2-08

 Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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JV Lady Trojans tie Pateros in 2 quarters of play  


Angelica Suarez making her way to basket


Manson JV 10 - Pateros JV 10 



 Coach Bennett 

Manson and Pateros Junior Varsity teams each only had 6 players illegible  for their season opener held at Pateros on Tuesday, Dec. 2nd.  They played a fast pace 2 quarter game ending in a tie, 10 to 10. Angelica Suarez, Abby Bridgewater, Mindy Neal, Cheyanne McFadden, Thalia Lepley and Sierra Miller played for Manson.


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By Nancy Miller

MHS JV Lady Trojans vs. Pateros 12/2/08
Manson 10 - Pateros 10

MHSBBvsPateros 035.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 036.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 040.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 041.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 042.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 043.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 044.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 045.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 048.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 049.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 050.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 061.JPG
MHSBBvsPateros 062.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 063.JPG MHSBBvsPateros 064.JPG


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