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08 MHS Trojan Football




MHS Trojan Football Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Manson Trojans End 2008 Football Season

Photo by Greg Neff

Manson Trojans final game with LaSalle

11/7/08 - Manson 6 – LaSalle 68

 Coach Barnes reports… 

Manson concluded its 2008 season losing to the #1 state ranked LaSalle Lightning’s. Although the score appeared to be quite a drubbing, I’ll give credit to Coach Jack McMillian, for pulling his starters after the 1st quarter, and playing everyone of his 50+ players on his roster. They have great depth, are well coached and a classy team. I wish them well as our representative on the road to the State Finals.

Speaking of class; I was very proud of the effort and the sportsmanship our players displayed. I was approached by a sports writer from the Yakima Media, post-game. He expressed how amazed he was at the positive attitude of our players on the side-line as well as on the field. This was nothing I didn’t already know…but it’s nice to hear it from others.

Game highlights:

David Sedono, Jordan Pittman and Miguel Escalera played fierce defense. They were making great hits all night. Offensively, Fernando Rocha had 14 carries for 61 yards; Jordan had 6 carries for 20 yards and a TD and Marcus Vanderholm had 3 carries for 12 yards. Sedono had 123 yards in all-purpose yardage and one catch for four yards. Wide receiver, Leonel Castro had two catches for 26 yards and Jordan had two catches for 31 yards. Castro was hammered on both of his receptions and did a great job holding on to the ball.

We started two new players Friday night. Devon Griffith on the O-Line and Luis Hurtado on the D-line. Both guys showed great effort and I was pleased at their performance. The O-line as a unit, Senior’s Jon Martin, Ramon Sepulveda, Rob Pittman and Miguel Escalera along with sophomore center Nathan Coggins and Griffith did well opening holes for Rocha and Jordan Pittman.

I would like to all the fans for your huge support of the players, my stat keepers; Idalia Guillen, Daisy Gutivez, Ararlei Espinosa and Marisol Angulo. Mrs. Neff for organizing our Thursday night “Team Dinners”, Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller for the management of the Manson Trojan’s sports reporting and web site, the local media for their support Jerry Isenhart with Golakechelan.com, Karl Word at KOZI and Megan Managan at the Lake Chelan Mirror and also to my assistant coaches  Jim Harding, Chris Hill and Scott Ward for their hard work.

My biggest thanks to the players, in particular, this seasons Senior Class. You are a fine collection of young men and I’m honored for the opportunity to have been your coach.  

Looking forward: Players will be meeting Monday, Nov. 10th to vote on individual award winners and next season’s co-captains. The Fall Sports Banquet is scheduled for 7 p.m. on November 25th.

Trojan Homecoming Football against Bridgeport

Photo by Nancy Miller

10/31/08 - Manson 0- Bridgeport 51

  Coach Barnes reports ……


Last Friday’s Homecoming game vs. the Bridgeport Mustangs was very physical. We could never get in sync. Turnovers plagued Manson’s offense. David Sedono had 180 all-purpose yards, returning kick-offs. He had one for 49 yards and two for 30+. David is both tough and fearless; he took some huge hits and hopped up like it was no big deal. Defensively, linemen Jon Martin, Ramon Sepulveda and outside linebackers, Rob Pittman and Marcus Vanderholm all made some big plays. It was great to see them have that success. To have them put it all together and execute their technique properly on game day is big. I was happy to see the defense swarm better to the football and play with more aggression.

Looking forward: Trojans end their 2008 season this Friday, November 7th at LaSalle High School in Yakima. The Lightning is undefeated and rank #1 in class B2 football. Our guys are excited about the chance to play the best. Very few times in one’s life do you have the opportunity to compete against the best. I’m really proud of our players’ attitudes. They are always positive and each week I see another player stepping up. I look forward to them earning the respect of the LaSalle Lightning. Huge thanks to all the fans who attended the Homecoming game. It means a lot to the players.      


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MHS Trojans Come Out Strong against Valley Christian

Photos by Mrs. Neff

MHS Trojans at the line with Valley Christian

10/24/08 - Manson 20 - Valley Christian 58

  Coach Barnes reports ……

Our offense started out strong, running and passing for 160 yards in the first quarter. Schuyler Neff was 9 for 26 and 125 yards and two TD’s passing and ran in another TD. Rob Pittman had 6 catches for 76 yards and 2 TD’s. Marcus Vanderholm and Fernando Rocha each had two catches for 39 and 10 yards. Rocha rambled for 123 yards on 14 carries, Abel Chavez had 9 carries and 57 yards and David Sedono had 3 turns for 16 yards. Defensively, we had a tough time stopping their counter. Edwardo Morano in his first start at inside linebacker did a good job. He and Abel filled in for Jordan Pittman who received a concussion on Wednesday. For only having one practice to prepare both guys did great. I was really proud at the way the O-line stepped up and created holes and protected Sky. Thanks for all your support of players.

Click Here for Game Photos

By Mrs. Neff


Manson Trojans Excite The Fans At Entiat Game


Photos by Nancy Miller

#81, Osbaldo Escoto making one of his touchdown runs.


10-17-08 Manson 17 - Entiat 33   

By Nancy Miller 


The Manson Trojans traveled to Entiat for great football action on Friday, October 17th. Manson fans were very ecstatic over Osbaldo Escoto scoring 2 touchdowns with Ramon Sepulveda’s kicking the extra points plus a field goal against the Entiat Tigers. A win would have been nice but it was still a worthwhile game to watch. It was Entiat's Homecoming and the fans were entertained by a fire truck adorned with the gowned young ladies of their homecoming court. Hot dogs and pie sold by the Entiat band boosters were welcome treats adding to an enjoyable evening. Small towns have a special touch when it comes to these affairs. The Manson team celebrated Coach Harding's birthday on the field following the game with a song and cupcakes. The casual observer would have thought that Manson had won. Thank you to all the fans for your continued support to the Manson Trojans! 

 Coach Barnes reports ……

Last Friday’s game with Entiat was a real boost for the players. I was glad to see them have some success and put some points on the scoreboard. Freshman quarter-back, Marcus Vanderholm played well, he was under a lot of pressure every time he rolled out to pass. We had a hard time picking up their blitzing linebackers. Vanderholm is a tough kid, he just doesn’t get rattled. Tailback, Osbaldo Escalara had a huge night rushing, gaining 145 yards on 24 carries and two TD’s. Jordan Pittman had 51 yards of offense, 29 yards on a tipped shovel pass. Rob Pittman had 3 receptions for 90 yards. Fernando Rocha was flying down the field on our punt team, the thing is he’s also the punter and is a pure head-hunter on defense and special teams. Fernando also had an interception that he nearly broke for a touchdown. Ramon Sepulveda rounded out the scoring with 2 PAT’s and a field goal. He’s the ice man, with 100% on both PAT’s and field goal tries. Linebackers’ Jordan and Rob Pittman and Abel Chavez lead the Trojan defense in tackles. Senior tackle, Ammon Simmons, got in a good bit of playing time and looked good on a solo tackle. He’s surprisingly fast for a big guy. I think he’s ready to step up. Despite the score we were really in the game till the end. I was sure proud of their effort.  Looking ahead: Manson travels to Valley Christian this Friday; in a non-league game, east of Spokane. VC runs an old school Flex- T offense, it looks like a rugby scrum each play, we basically will throw out any standard defense and load up the box with 9 or 10 guys.

A big thanks to all the parents and fans that traveled to Entiat, I can tell you it means a lot to the players.

 Click Here for Game Photos

By Nancy Miller


Trojans vs.Liberty Bell

   Coach Barnes reports ……

10/10/08 - Manson 0 - Liberty Bell 47


Liberty Bell amassed 482 yards of offense against the Trojans and was aided by seven fumbles by the home team, Trojans.

Jordan Pittman
, Jordan
Pittman had 77 of the 91 total of Manson’s rushing yardage. Freshman, Center, backup Quarterback, Marcus Vanderholm was 4 of 6 for 32 yards. Junior, play-caller, Schuyler Neff received a concussion in the 2nd quarter and Vanderholm changed to his # 26 jersey. He’s played every game wearing two jerseys.  Rob Pittman had one catch from Neff for 44 yards and two via Vanderholm for 21 yards. Jordan Pittman lead the Trojan’s with 8 tackles.

Looking ahead:Manson travels to Entiat this Friday, October 17th to play the Tigers; they won Friday in a shootout against Valley Christen 55-50 at home. They like to throw the ball deep and throw in a few screens and swing passes. We really need to make plays on the long ball and get pressure on their QB. Starting WR/Corner back, David Sedono and RB/Safety Alex Escalera and Ty Harding are expected for Friday night’s game. Neff is not expected to suit up till the following week.   



MHS Trojans vs Oroville

                                      MHS vs Oroville                              Photos by Mrs.Neff


    10/3/08 - Manson 0 – Oroville 36 - at Oroville 

Coach Barnes Reports……..

Friday night’s contest had a number of positives, despite the final score. Defensively, we worked hard on tackling all week and it showed. Senior, Miguel Escalara and Fernando Rocha anchored the defense that shut out Oroville in the second half. Schuyler Neff was 5 of 21 passing. Neff had many of his well thrown passes…just dropped. Osbaldo Escoto led the Trojan receiving core with three catches for 63 yards. Neff led all rushers for 60 yards, followed by Jordan Pittman with 34 and Alex Escalera with 26 plus one catch for 14 yards. Alex had a fourth quarter Touch Down called back on a holding call. The junior tailback showed some great moves in the open field on his way to the end zone. Fumbles, penalties, dropped passes and missed assignments on defense cost us dearly in the early stages of the game. I just didn’t have the players ready, and this week we’ll cut our playbook down to a few plays we can run well. Our Defensive line did a good job of shutting down the Hornets power. The Offensive line also held off their pass rush good.  This week the linemen and Coach Harding will be working hard on improving our running game. Pushing the blocking sled till their legs burn will help develop pride and confidence in the Offensive line Brotherhood. Fullback, Jordan Pittman was bothered by a strained leg muscle and played little time in the second half, we think he’ll be ready for Friday’s home game against Liberty Bell. Also; returning for duty is WR/DB Will Jones. Questionable: Ty Harding, who suffered a concussion during last weeks practice. Thanks again for all of your support for the players.

Click Here for Game Photos

by Mrs. Neff

MHS Trojans vs Soap Lake at Home

                                                           Photo by Kristen Harding

MHS Trojans Keep on Keeping On.....

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 Coach Barnes Reports…….

9/26/08 ~ Manson 0- Soap Lake 44

Defense –Manson: Jordan Pittman lead Trojan defenders with 11 tackles followed by 9 for Vanderholm and 6 for Miguel Escalera and 5 each for Nathan Coggins and Ramon Sepulveda. Trojans have six new players becoming eligible for next week’s contest and Rob Pittman will also return from  a foot injury. Thank you to the MHS Pep Band,Cheerleaders and fans who came out to support the Manson Trojans!  The MHS student body had a great pizza party after the game.  STATS: Rushing- Manson: Jordan Pittman 13 carries for 42 yards. Passing: Schuyler Neff 10 of 17 for 93 yards. Receiving:Jordan Pittman 6 catches for 63 yards, Ty Harding 6 catches for 4 yards, Marcus Vanderholm 2 for 26 and Taylor Quigley 1 for 1.

Click Here for Game Photos by Kristen Harding


Click Here for Game Photos By Nancy Miller  



Trojans Travel to White Swan

Jordan Pittman Scores Season's 1st Touchdown

posted by Heidi Neal 




         Photos by Kristen Harding and Mrs. Neff



September 19th, 2008 @ White Swan 

Manson 6- White Swan 63 


  Coach Barnes reports: 

After a demoralizing first half, down 55-0 to 0 the Trojans held White Swan to only 8 points in the final 24 minutes, this despite the fact that the Cougar’s

coaching staff left in their starters for the first 8 minutes of the third quarter. We adjusted our alignments and personnel on both sides of the ball and it helped.

Jordan Pittman

Jordan Pittman rolled for a 63 yard TD, sprung by a great block by Neff, and out ran the Cougar secondary. I think what really set up that play was the three punishing runs Jordan ran prior to the touchdown.Frankly; once he heads down hill, there’s no one player that really wants to take him on.  

We have a couple of players that will be out for an
extended period. Freshman, linebacker/slot back, Will Jones, suffered a concussion and neck strain and will be out for a while. We’re going to miss his presence on the field, no one out works Will in practice or on Friday night. Senior, quarterback, Wade Gross, may be out for the season, with a torn ACL. Gross gained a first down on a fake punt, and took a shot to the knee at the sideline at the end of the play. We’re waiting to get a final verdict on Wade’s condition. Losing your senior QB, is a tough thing, I know he really wants to be out there on the field for every snap. A team needs it's leaders on the field. Wade’s the type of guy that wants to make things happen…every time he touches the ball.  


Looking ahead- Soap Lake Eagles come to Manson this Friday. The Eagles are coming off a huge home win against a battered Entiat team. We’ll make a few defensive adjustments this week. The Eagles run the Wing-T quite well and have a lot of speed. This week at practice we’ll again be stressing the basics. The players are committed to getting better each week and our numbers of kids wanting to join the team is growing. This week, senior lineman, Ramon Sepulveda, becomes eligible. His experience should greatly solidify the line. Trojan’s leading receiver and linebacker, Rob Pittman is also expected back for this week’s game.


Thanks to all the parents that made the long trip to White Swan. I am looking forward to another great turn out for our home game on Friday, September 26th against the Soap Lake Eagles, kickoff at 7 p.m. Come support your Trojans




Wade Gross 8 carries for 74 yards

Jordan Pittman 12 carries for 76 yards




Schuyler Neff 4 of 6 for 5 yards   

Wade 2 of 5 for 8 yards 

Marcus Vanderholm  1 of 2 for 7 yards 





New Photos added 9/23/08

Click Here to View Game Photo Album

"Thank you Kristen Harding and Mrs. Neff for sending game photos!"


MHS vs Kittitas

Trojans ~ Thanks for Great Football Action!

Hats off to the MHS Pep Band & Cheerleaders 

Posted Sep 17, 2008

 Coach Barnes Reports – 

     Photo by Kristen Harding

September 12th, 2008 - Manson - 0 vs. Kittitas - 50   

Season Opener at Manson   Kittitas was a great opener for the Trojans. They  are  one  of  the  top  six  teams  in  2B  football  in  Washington  State.  I’m  very  proud  of  the  heart  and  grittiness  our  boys  showed  all  game.   
                             Photo by Nancy Miller

Following  the  injury  to  starting  QB,  Wade  Gross,  in  the  first  half,  we  had  to  adjust  personnel. Moving  our  freshman  starting  tackle,  Marcus  Vanderholm  to  the  

slotback  ,  replaced  by  another  freshman,  Devon  Griffith  at  left  tackle  and  moving  Schuyler  Neff  to  QB.    

We  (coaches)  saw  a  lot  of  good  things  from  the  players,  Leonel  Castro,  Will  Jones  and  Ty  Harding  made  some  great  down  field  blocks,  from  the  wide  receiver  position.  Senior  slotback,  Rob  Pittman  led  all  receivers  for  the  Trojans  with  four  receptions  for  71  yards,  followed  by  Vanderholm  with  three  catches  for  25.  Linemen,  Griffith,  John  Jones,  Nate  Coggins,  Miguel  Escalera  and  Jon  Martin  all  showed  great  mental  toughness,  they  never  had  a  single  false  start  penalty.  Sophomore  fullback,  converted  lineman,  Jordan  Pittman  also  did  a  great  job  blocking  and  started  to  find  his  groove  running  the  ball  late  in  the  game.  Neff  was  the  gutsiest  player  for  the  Trojans,  on  both  sides  of  the  ball.  He  was  battling  a  chest  and  head  cold  that  sounded  like  walking  pneumonia;  Sky  lead  the  team  in  tackles  and  passed  for  102  yards  and  ran  a  fake  punt,  gaining  20+  yards  and  a  first  down.    

 Player Quote of the Game:   

  Nathan  Coggins  postgame  came  up  to  me  with a huge  smile and said,  “Coach,  I  just  finished  my  first  Varsity  Football  Game”. That’s  why  we  coach and they play  the  game  and  I  know  they  are  willing  to  work  hard  in  practice  each  week  to  get  better.  

Looking forward; The Trojans travel to White Swan on Friday, September 19th and it appears all players will ready to suit up for the game.   

Thanks  to  all  the  fans  for  a  great  showing  and  all  their  boisterous  support!    


Click Here For Game Action Photo Album

Photos by Nancy Miller


  Manson Trojans Take On Kittitas



                                                                                        Photo by Nancy Miller


 Manson Trojan Team


Manson’s Trojan High School Football season kicks off at home on Friday, September 12th at 7:00 p.m. against Kittitas at the Secondary football field on Hill St. in Manson. The players, pep band, cheerleaders, student body, staff, administration and community members are ready for some great football action!

Coach Brad Barnes had this to say, “Kittitas Coyote's are big, physical and well coached. Our players know them better than I do, we'll attack them on both sides of the ball and look forward to Friday night's match up. We have a few players making their first start on Friday night. They've proven to me and the coaching staff they are ready to compete at that level. Our veteran players are really fired up. The players understand our game plan and have had a good week of practice. I'm very proud of their effort and courage. I'd encourage folks to come support the Trojans on Friday night; kick-off at 7:00pm.” 


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