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A Great Lake Chelan Screen Saver By Tom & Margie Lynch

The Saul Gallegos Stories

Stehekin Magic - By Rene Courtney

The Gallegos Family Meets President Bush

Awesome Screen Saver - By Tim Young 

What's Missing From This Story?

Dam Photo Story

Is The Chelan Dam Unprotected?

Lucerne School House - Old Photos  

Talk About Good Fishing

Stehekin Rainbows 

Spring Photos - James Hayter 

James Hayter Explores The Old Mines On Chelan Butte - A Movie 

Chelan's Finest - Chelan's Jr Miss - 2004 

The Story Of The Chelan Goat 

The Story Of The Goodfellow Landfills - The 'Fingers'

Truck Accident Near Mill Bay - Photos By Terry Urness

Rock Slide Near Airport- Dr Mike Isenhart Collides 

Frozen Pipes - May This Never Happen To You! 

Dog Day At Stehekin - Incredible Stehekin Winter Photo - By Bob Nielsen   

The Worst Floods in Stehekin In 100 Years - Photos By Dick Bingham

Awesome Student Photos from CHS Instructor Mike Curry 

On Top Of The World - Bob Nielsen 

Pictures That Leave You Smiling By Lake Chelan Bldg Supply

Click Here & Watch A Funny Fishing Movie

Click Here & Watch a Funny/Talented Piano Player

June 27, 2004 Pot Peak Fire Plume Photo Sequence From Our Web-Cam



2006 Deadhead Dave


Here are links to just a few of the photo stories of this fun moment in GoLakeChelan history. Just remember that it was YOU our readers who made this into a story that everyone got involved with. Thanks for making this great memory!

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 The Fate Of Dead-Head Dave - Click Here
Posted on Monday, November 13 @ 17:02:52 PST

 Dead Head David Dies : Nov 1, 2006 - Click Here
Posted by on Friday, November 03 @ 13:12:20 PST

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David Is A 'BIG BOY' - Click Here!
Posted by on Friday, August 25 @ 05:56:59 PDT

Posted on Tuesday, August 22 @ 04:43:42 PDT

 The Saga Of The Dead Head- Click Here
Posted by on Sunday, August 20 @ 11:55:43 PDT

 Dead Head Or Tourist Attraction - CLICK HERE
Posted by on Monday, August 07 @ 04:57:06 PDT



What's David's Destiny?? - 

Before David Was Famous - David In The Raw 

David Update - August 22nd MAP 

Why Is David A HE? 

Does David Have A Double?

The Saga Of Davcid

David A Tourist Attraction?

Anyone Know Of This Hazard? Discovering David - 

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