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Chelan Football pregame report

Dennis Rahm, an old GLC sportscaster will be broadcasting the Chelan/Meridian Football game live from Bellingham.

Chelan football travels to Bellingham to take on Meridian
Dennis Rahm will be broadcasting live from www.kgmi.com
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Listen Live - PREGAME at 6:35 PM</a>

“This week will be the biggest challenge of them all,” said Chelan Football Coach Travis Domser. “We have broken down both of Meridian’s games and they have a good football team and program. They lost to a very talented 2A school last week.”

Chelan travels to Bellingham Friday to take on the Meridian High School in non-league action. After losing to the Okanogan Bulldogs 42-28, Coach Domser remarked that the Goats played the best half of football since he began coaching the team. “They had 54 yards total in the first half and 30 of that came on a one pass play.”

Our guys now have two games of experience and we know we can play,” he said. “However, we need to play 48 minutes and not just 24.”

“Meridian is well coached and have a program with a fantastic head coach who has one of the most successful programs over the past 25 years.”

GoLakeChelan is pleased to announce that Dennis Rahm will be broadcasting the game live on www.kgmi.com. For those who don’t know Dennis, he was GLC’s sportscaster for several years before moving to Bellingham to be with his wife, Loni who had taken a tourism related job there. Dennis also worked at Kozi Radio and Cevado Technologies. “I’m starting the pre-game show at 6:35 p.m. Friday,” said Rahm.

Coach Domser promises statistics of this game by Saturday morning.

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