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9.5.14 Chelan Football

Mason McClellan had an exceptional running game against the Brewster Bears on Friday night in Chelan’s opening game that the Goats ended up losing 20-22.




Goats lose opener 20-22 in a
hard fought battle with Brewster
by Richard Uhlhorn

The Chelan Goats opened their 2014 football season with an epic battle against the Brewster Bears. The outcome was not to be decided until the closing minutes when Brewster let the clock run out to win this opener 22-20 over the Goats.

Both teams seemed to have opening game jitters. Brewster received the ball on the opening kickoff and marched down the field to score the first touchdown with 9:45 remaining in the first quarter of play.

Chelan Quarterback, Eli Jenkins went to work and Chelan marched down the field and Tanner Johnson marched in for Chelan’s first TD, but the team was unable to convert a 2-point attempt and Brewster still had the lead 7-6.

In the final minutes of the first quarter, the Chelan Goats showed just how tough they could be on defense, stopping Brewster from scoring another TD and forcing them to kick a field goal to that Brewster out to a 10-6 lead.

The Goats marched down field and scored on a Jenkins to Wide Receiver Donny Watson to put the Goats up 12-10. The Goats chose to attempt another 2-point conversion and were successful putting the Goats in the lead 14-10 with 10:05 remaining in the second half.

The Bears were unsuccessful in their next possession, giving the ball up to the Goats, but intercepted a Goat pass that turned into another touchdown for Brewster putting them into the lead 16-14.

Chelan was unable to move the ball again and gave it up at the 30 yard line, but on Brewster’s first play of that possession, Lane Molina intercepted a Brewster pass to give Chelan control again at Chelan’s 10-yard line.

With 2:42 remaining in the third quarter, Defensive Back Bryce Robison intercepted another Brewster pass and Chelan took over at the 40 yard line, but were unable to score again in the second half.

Both teams went to the locker room to work out second half strategies, but the second half proved to be more of the same with both teams battling for dominance over each other.

In the third quarter, Chelan held Brewster from scoring and Mason McClellan recovered a fumble at the 2-yard line to give Chelan possession. Brewster recovered a fumble almost immediately but a successful pass play was completed out of the end zone. With 7:29 remaining, Chelan recovered another Brewster fumble on the 1-yard line.

Chelan’s Jenkins completed a great pass to Watson to put the Goats in great field position for another touchdown. With 2:59 remaining, Jenkins handed off to McClellan who scored the Goats third TD putting Chelan into the lead 20-16. Once again Chelan was unable to convert a two point attempt.

Brewster marched down the field on their first possession in the fourth quarter and Chelan once again forced them to kick a field goal which was successful bringing Brewster within striking distanced 20-19.

With 7:20 remaining, Brewster was once again held by Chelan’s defense, but was able to kick another field goal to take the lead 22-20.

Chelan was unable to score and Brewster took over the football with 3:31 remaining and took the ball over at the 15 yard line and instead of challenging Chelan’s defense again, took the safe route out by running the clock down for the win.

Despite the loss, it was a good first game for the Goats. They showed some great defense in holding Brewster out of the end zone and forcing field goals. The offense worked well and Chelan has the combination of a running attack with Mason McClellan and a passing attack from Jenkins to a variety of talented wide receivers like Molina, Robison and Watson.

There seems to be plenty of bench to call on when needed.

Chelan hosts the Okanogan Bulldogs on Friday, September 12, at Sargent Field beginning at 7 p.m.

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