2015 Manson Apple Blossom Festival with Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

2015 Royalty Selection



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 Photos by Nancy Miller

Congratulations to the 95th Manson Apple Blossom Royalty
Queen Kendra Ellsworth
Princess Kristen Gibson and Princess Aylee Neff

Manson Apple Blossom Selection Recap 

by Nancy Miller
Manson's Apple Blossom Selection, Saturday night in the High School's gym continued the long (since 1921) tradition in nearly flawless style. Angel Garcia, ASB President, lead the flag salute, warm bilingual welcome and introduction of the Master of Ceremonies, Michael Steele. 

The 5 Judges, Andrea Eklund, Kate Maclean, Stephanie and Luke Astell and Tom Gausman were introduced with a short Bio. 

After recognition of visiting royalty, past royalty and parents, each lovely candidate paraded on stage accompanied by a tuxedoed Mr. Amsden and was introduced along with a list of their accomplishments by Mr. Steele. After the introduction each contestant delivered an original oratory centered around the theme of “The First Harvest”. Following the impromptu question that asked the girls what they would show Russel Wilson, Seattle Seahawks quarterback, if he were to visit Manson, the two Apple Blossom button winners were announced by Aleasha England. Sam Thomas was the only recipient present. 

The candidates donned leopard print for the unique dance number, Walk the Dinosaur, choreographed by Pat Beratta. The dinos were diminutive but the paleo apples were huge and sparkly as the girls showed off their grace and sense of rhythm. 

The jazz band played after a brief intermission. Vote cards were collected from the audience for tabulation. The judges scores carried 60% toward the final selection with the audience vote and chaperone's scores equally shared the other 40%. 

Retiring Royalty presented their slide show review of the past year. Queen Hanna Ireland, Princesses Perla Garcia and Jessica Gomez briefly reviewed their experiences during the farewell address. 

Barbara Gallaher was recognized for her hard work and organization as role of chairperson. 

The scholarship award was presented to Kendra Ellsworth for her congenial good spirit during the preparation process. The contestants joined hands across the stage in anticipation of the crowning process. 

Kirsten Gibson and Aylee Neff were crowned as Princesses and Kendra Ellsworth received the crown and robe as the new Queen for 2015. 

Reception and light refreshments were held in the commons area. Congratulations to all contestants for a job well done and welcome to the incoming Apple Blossom Royalty. 


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2015 Manson Apple Blossom Selection

Photos by Nancy Miller

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