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GoLakeChelan was initially the creation of Jerry Isenhart

Jerry moved to Chelan in 1969 and bought KOZI Radio.
He sold the station(s) 30 years later, in 1999 and has since devoted his interest in community, journalism,and technology to developing this Community Web Site.  Over the course of the past 10 years, several of his close KOZI associates have joined him at GoLakeChelan. Most notably his close friend and associate Steve Byquist who holds down an important news producer position.

Jerry sees GoLakeChelan as a 21st Century Communty Inter-Active Information Exchange, playing a similar function to talk radio, but in an archived form so that access and participation is on the at the readers leisure, rather than a program schedule.

Jerry was actually the first daily host of the KOZI 2nd Cup of Coffee which he launched in 1972. KOZI's Steve Byquist was the program's side-kick until 1974, when Isenhart withdrew from the show and entered his name as a candidate for a Chelan City Council position. Isenhart was elected,  Byquist assumed the program's primary host role, and Isenhart launched a 15 year involvement in Chelan City government, concluding as Mayor of Chelan from 1985-1988.

Jerry was also deeply involved in the Washington State Association of Broadcasters (WSAB), and served 20 of his 30 broadcast years as a Director of the WSAB.

Jerry played a major role in connecting the Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce up with the WSAB state-wide marketing program - clearly one of the most cost-effective
advertising opportunities that has been used by the Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce for the last 15+ years.

In his tenure at KOZI he built KOZI-FM (1980),  built the KOZI Professional Center (1984),  bought KULE AM-FM in Ephrata (1990), and built what is now KOHO-FM in
Leavenworth (1998).  Jerry was recognized by his own industry in 1983 when he was given the Associated Press's Washington Small Market Reporter of the Year award, 
for his comprehensive coverage of the spell-binding Norm Evans Murder Trial.

Shortly after arriving in Chelan in 1969, Jerry invited his college radio friend Steve Byquist to join him in Chelan and a few short years later added the talents of Scott
Brundage and then Ray Dobbs.
The four-some set the stage for one of the most outstanding small market radio stations in the northwest, and there was a magic mix in the
talents of these four that were the magnets that attracted a host of other professional premium broadcasters who passed through the KOZI hall of fame.

In the late 70's Isenhart founded a 2nd electronic company, Radio West, which developed two-way radio, paging, and mobile telepohone service for the region. Radio West built and developed the Stehekin Mobile Telephone Service which provided life-saving 24 hour telephone communications out of the Stehekin Valley since

In the 90's, Radio West phased away from mobile telephone and paging, to cellular and computer and internet technologies and when Isenhart sold KOZI Radio in
1999, Ray Dobbs acquired and renamed Radio West to Raycom; a business which he continues to grow.

Jerry is married to wife Cecilia and they have sons Jerry Jr (11)  and William (8).

And this is 'just the tip of the iceberg' of an extremely colorful life filled with the highest of highs and the toughest of lows.... and filled with
a huge love of kids as played out in his role as KOZI's Radio Santa  for 30 seasons.
(A great Moment In Lake Chelan History)






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