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Manson 51 - Kittitas 40
Nov. 8, 2013

Photos by Kristi Bonney Photography

Manson 51 - Kittitas 34

Nov. 8, 2013

Coach Ward

Kittitas 12 24 34 40

Manson 8 22 36 51

On Friday November 8, the Trojans hosted Kittitas in our last regular season game of the year, Senior night. After getting out to a slow start because of an early turnover our boys responded with the best 4-quarters of football that I have seen all year. We had been playing some decent football over the last half of the season but just had problems finishing close games. On this night, there was a sense of calmness going into the 4th quarter and I could tell that our boys knew that they were going to finish this game and their season with a home field victory.

That is exactly what we did. Behind the blocking of our offensive line consisting of LT- Mason Cameron, LG- Julio Pena, C- Joe Toolson, RG- Michael Sanchez, RT- Chayse Brooks, and TE- Alex Espinoza, we were able to run the ball, control the clock, and finish a tough game against a formidable Kittitas team that had been in the top 3-teams of our league all year long. Running Backs Andre Hannah, Mike Pittman, and Christian Lopez ran hard and made good decisions all game. I couldn't be more proud of this football team and the courage that they displayed throughout this season. We dealt with a lot of adversity over the course of 9 games and through it all we never hung our heads and we kept working hard. The win/loss column might not necessarily reflect that of a successful season but I will be the first to tell everybody its not all about the win/loss column as much as it is about how we finished the season in our final 5 games verses how we started the season. Congratulations to seniors Andre Hannah, Bridger Machus, Alex Espinoza, and Alex Vanderholm. We are all very proud of you and the way you represented this team, our school district, and our community over the course of the season. You are all standup young men with a very bright future in front of you.

The Manson Trojan Football team would also like to give a huge shout out to our cheerleaders, fans, and community members that supported us in the stands and along the sidelines all season long. Without a doubt we have the best fans and community supporters in the league!

Passing Statistics: Bo Charlton: 3/5, 47 yards, 1 TD, 1 Int. Receiving Statistics: Alex Espinoza- 2 receptions for 19 yards and 1 TD Andre Hannah- 1 reception for 28 yards Rushing Statistics: Andre Hannah- 29 carries for 258 yards and 4 TD Mike Pittman- 7 carries for 46 yards and 1 TD, also an 85 yard KOR for a TD Christian Lopez- 3 carries for 6 yards Jorge Juarez- 1 carries for 10 yards Defensive Standouts for the Trojans: Andre Hannah- 11 solo tackles, 1 first hits, and 1 assists Mike Pittman- 7 solo tackles, 1 assist, and 1 caused fumble Christian LoDolce- 4 solo tackles, 2 first hits, 2 assists, and 1 caused fumble Jorge Juarez- 3 solo tackles and 1 Int. Melvin Bernardo- 2 solo tackles, 2 assists, and 2 Int.'s

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