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State Tennis Results

Megan Robinson ended her high school tennis career with her fourth state medal in four years. This year she finished in seventh place after battling a number of talented tennis players from private schools.

Robinson finishes 7th in State Tennis Championships
Jenkins falls to state veterans
by Richard Uhlhorn

It was Megan Robinson’s fourth year participating in the State Tennis Championships and the fourth year she has medaled. Coach Marty Rothlisberger writes that it is a rare accomplishment for a high school tennis player to achieve what Robinson has achieved. Robinson played excellent tennis, but was up against private schools who dominated the tournament. “They filled 12 out of the 16 semifinal slots and won three of the four individual championships,” wrote Rothlisberger. “We still had a fun weekend and feel good about getting some wins and a medal to bring home.”

Rothlisberger reported that the 2014 State Tennis Tournament was “by far the most talented high school tournament I’ve seen.”

Megan Robinson kicked off her final high school tournament b defeating Yara Thye of Riverside 6-1, 6-3. “Megan used consistent, nearly error free tennis in this impressive win over a worthy opponent.” In the second round (quarterfinals), Robinson played well but lost to the defending state champion, Michelle Lui of Forest Ridge. She needed to win her third match of the day to stay in the medal hunt and with both players fighting heat exhaustion, Robinson was able to defeat Faith Stein of Castle Rock, 6-0, 6-2. This win guaranteed Robinson her fourth state medal in four years.

She played Sasha Cayward of Forest Ridge, losing that match, but bringing home the seventh place medal.

Junior Eli Jenkins made his state debut facing state tournament veteran Max Mielke of Davenport and came up short. In his second match, Jenkins staved off elimination b soundly defeating Patrick Hadley of Connell 6-2, 6-3. Jenkins was unable to win his third match to stay in the competition. He fell to another state veteran, Brendan Stewart of La Salle who placed fourth last year.

“Eli had an immensely successful season and will be a pillar of our squad next year, said Rothlisberger.
in 2015.

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