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Soccer v Cascade



Senior Juan Garcia followed through and scored Chelan’s final goal against Cascade after the Kodiak goalkeeper had saved Garcia’s penalty kick. The loose ball allowed Garcia to score and he celebrated the goal with a big smile and kiss for his girlfriend on the sidelines.

Chelan shuts out Cascade and Omak…
faces No. 1 Brewster on Saturday, May 3.
by Richard Uhlhorn

Chelan will enter into Saturday’s soccer game against CTL’s number one team Brewsterhttps://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif in  third place behind both the Bears and Quincy. Chelan’s record is currently 8-3 (8-4-1) overall. Chelan has had a few tough losses that came from overtime shootouts.


On Tuesday, April 22 Chelan hosted the Cascade Kodiaks and came away with a 4-0 victory. The game was frustrating for the Kodiaks who started shoving early in the game. “It was made clear to the referee at half-time that the game would get out of control,” reported Assistant Coach Jim Broome. With less than two minutes remaining and Chelan in the lead, a fight broke out on the team side of the field. It was broken up rapidly and the game came to its conclusion, but like many soccer games, passions run high. “The incident at the end was the culmination of smaller events that happened throughout the game,” said Broome.


Chelan controlled this game but had a hard time finding the back of the net in the first half. It was Ivan Magdaleno who scored the first goal in the 40th minute off a diving header off an assist by Julio Vera.


In the second half, freshman Rafael Barajas scored off an assist from Ivan Magdaleno and then in the 66th minute, Julio Vera scored on a blistering kick from 30 yards out.


Juan Garcia took a penalty kick that was saved by Cascade’s goal keeper, but the ball was still loose and Garcia followed through from is penalty kick to score the fourth goal on the rebound.


Overall, Chelan had 15 shots on goal to Cascade’s four.


Miguel Sanchez played in goal and was awarded the shutout


Chelan’s JV squad also beat Cascade 4-0.


Chelan beat Omak 10-0 earlier in the week and had 46 shots on goal.

 Miguel Sanchez and Ben Banuelos are awarded the shut out in goal for Chelan.
Chelan Senior Ivan Magdaleno scored two goals and had three assists. Junior Fausto
Vieyra scored two goals and had one assist. Freshman Cristian Barajas scored one goal and had one assist. Senior Alexis Bravo, Julio Vera, German Gutierrez, Miguel Sanchez and Ivan Montalvo each scored a goal.

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