13-14 Chelan Sports

A message from Track Coach Skip Boyd

Sophomore Jose Padilla posed by his shot put mark at the WIAA State Track Tournament in at Eastern Washington University in Cheney on Saturday, May 30. Padilla took second place overall which is a great achievement for a sophomore.


A message from Track Coach Skip Boyd

Track and Field 2014


Thanks to – my wife Mary, Julie Pittsinger for feeding the kids during the meets and everything else she does,  the coaching staff of Mark Anderson, Bret Pittsinger and Eric Romero, Rich Uhlhorn at GoLakeChelan, Amber Sheckler at The Mirror, KOZI, Mr Rainville, Chelan Booster Club and all the athletes who put in the work to make this a great season


The season in a nut shell. 


The throwers were our strength this year.  I handed out some of their accomplishments on the paper along with the accomplishments of the kids that made it to State this year. 


We went into this season believing that we could make some strides towards being a good boys and girls team and have an impact in the CTL, District 6 & 7 and at the State meet in Cheney. We were competitive throughout and the season and the boys ended up winning the Bellevue meet in Seattle and the girls were Co-League Champions with Quincy this year. The girls came within 2 points of being District Champions.


The coaches on this team do a great job of helping kids be successful in their events with their coaching expertise. To be successful the athletes have to be willing to work hard to get into shape, learn their events, deal with injuries, listen to the coaches and be willing to forget the last performance and move on to the next performance. These athletes for the most part were able to do this.


We had a great year as a team and I am looking forward to next year already. 


Team Awards

Captains – Asa Schwartz and Karle Pittsinger– voted on by team

Coaches -  Jose Padilla and Karle Pittsinger

Most Improved – Jose Padilla and Rebecca Ediger

Inspirational – Mykey Flowers and Daisy Campos


Personal Records in Track and Field are motivators. Setting goals by using personal records is what the sport is built on. The transfer of personal records can be adapted into our daily lives and can keep us motivated to achieve our goals in work and in play. We should all take this concept and use it to get better every day.


Attitude also plays a part in what we do daily. I am a firm believer in a positive attitude. You can look at the glass as half empty or half full and I prefer the half full view of the glass.


This year our seniors had a positive attitude and those Seniors were Caitlin Hunt, Etta Godwin, Ryan Gerber, Asa Schwartz, Morgan Hawkins, Mykey Flowers, Karle Pittsinger, Jenny Sundberg, Jeanette Meneses and Jessica Galvan. 

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