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Soccer Lady Trojans to Play Liberty Bell for League Championship











On Tuesday, Oct. 30, the Lady Trojans hosted the Entiat Lady Tigers for the first round of District play-offs.  The lady Trojans came out strong, it took two minutes for them to score.  Itzel Castro took the ball on the right side of the field and was tackled from behind by a defender inside the box giving the Lady Trojans a penalty kick.  Bianca Sanchez scored on the PK making the score 1-0.  Manson kept the pressure on the Lady Tigers and a few minutes later Itzel took a shot beating the Entiat goalie and for a moment it looked like Manson had scored their second goal but the called a foul just before the kick and the goal was discounted.  After the call the Lady Trojans lost a little momentum and allowed the Lady Tigers to get into the game.  Entiat had a few opportunities to score in the first half with one shot hitting the post.  Manson also had few more opportunities to score but the shots went wide.  Within ten minutes of the second half Entiat tied the score with a shot from Anna Spencer.  Both teams had their opportunities to score but neither team could capitalize.  The game ended 1-1 and remained so after playing two five minutes golden goal overtimes.  The teams went to penalty kicks.  Manson came out ahead 3-1 making the final score Manson 2 Entiat 1.


Manson will be at Liberty Bell on Saturday, Nov. 3 for the league championship and a birth to state play-offs 16 and 17 November.



Manson 2                                  Entiat 1



Manson                                     Entiat

Bianca Sanchez  2 min              Anna Spencer 49 min


Shots at Goal

Manson 15                                Entiat 12



Manson 8                                  Entiat 5

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