12-13 Manson Sports

9/6 Volleyball - Pateros





Lady Trojans - Pateros Nannies


Coaches: Casey Zander, Hayli Thompson


Scores: 11-25, 19-25, 18-25


The Manson Lady Trojans started their season playing the Pateros Nannies on September 6.  With the loss of six senior players from the previous year, the Manson ladies are a young team with several new varsity players. The Trojans were led by returning players Lucero Angulo (senior) and Kendra Ellsworth (sophomore). New players to the team included Esmeralda Escoto (junior), Davia Walters (sophomore), Jana Russell (sophomore), Aylee Neff (sophomore), Kristen Gibson (sophomore) and Raechel Vanderholm (sophomore). 


The first game was a little rough for the ladies; however, they had some shining moments against the tough Pateros team. Serving was a highlight of the night with very few serving errors and some amazing defensive digs against the hard hitting team.  The girls were really connecting at the end and it was amazing to watch. We have some things we have to work on but this was a great start to the season and I am excited to see where this team will go.



Lucero Angulo -1


Kendra Ellsworth- 4

Lucero Angulo-1

Davia Walters-1

Kristen Gibson-1


Lucero Angulo-3

Kristen Gibson-2


Davia Walters-1

Kendra Ellsworth-1


Davia Walters -4

Kendra Ellsworth -2

Kristen Gibson-3

Aylee Neff-1



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