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Coach Lopez reports:

The Lady Trojans played their first game of the season Wednesday (9/05/2012) against Chelan.  The Lady Trojans only had ten players eligible for this match.  But, even playing one person down, the lady Trojans came out ready to play.  In the twelfth minute of the game Jocelyn Escobar passed the ball to Itzel; she passed the defenders, went one on one with Chelan’s goalie and put it in.  Manson played tough the entire first half and Itzel scored her second goal of the match at the 30 minute mark.  Chelan came out strong in the second half against the tiring Manson team and had numerous opportunities to score but Manson goalie, Alexis Castro, had some great saves and, along with the rest of the Manson defense and midfield, kept the ball out of the goal.  


Manson 2                                              Chelan 0 


Manson                                                 Chelan

Itzel Castro 12 min. and 30 min.  

 Shots at goal:

Manson 10                                            Chelan 20 

Shots save:

Manson 13                                            Chelan 3



Girls’ Varsity Soccer 2012



Number                      Player                         Grade                         Position


   03                             Jaquelin Campos             12                             Midfielder

   01                             Alexis Castro*                12                             Goalie/Defender

   02                             Gladys Castro                 12                             Defender

   14                             Itzel Castro*                   12                             Forward

   05                             Jocelyn Escobar             10                             Midfielder

   41/20                        Jessica Gallagher            12                             Goalie

   17                             Jaquelin Guillen              12                             Midfielder

   10                             Nancy Leyva                 10                             Defender

   07                             Marbella Leyva              12                             Defender

   13                             Maria Martinez              12                             Midfielder

   08                             Deisi Mendez                 11                             Forward

   16                             Ruby Portillo                  11                             Defender

   09                             Bianca Sanchez              12                             Midfielder

   06                             Nomi Sanchez                12                             Midfielder

   11                             Yeraldin Sepúlveda        11                             Midfielder

   04                             Marisol Valencia            11                             Midfielder

   12                             Lia Verduzco*               12                             Forward                      

   15                             Bianca Vergara              12                             Defender



* captains 

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