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9/27 VB - Lk Roosevelt





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Scores: 25-19, 22-25, 26-28, 25-17, 15-10  (Manson Wins)  

Coach's Comments: 

The Lady Trojans should now be dubbed the 5-game wonders.  After a very intense 5 game match against Lake Roosevelt, the Lady Trojans earned their fourth win of the season.  The girls did very well at keeping their heads and getting back into the game after they made mistakes.  The turning point of the match was during the second match when the girls clawed their way back into the match.  At one point, the girls were behind 17-9 and the Lady Trojans got back into the game and only lost by 3.  Even after their loss of the third game, the girls did not stop fighting.  It was very fun to watch and coach. 

We cannot wait until our next game against Liberty Bell on Tuesday. 



Davia Walters: 8

Lucero Angulo: 7

Esme Escoto: 6

Raechel Vanderholm: 4

Kendra Ellsworth: 3

Jana Russell: 2  


Jana Russell: 7

Kendra Ellsworth: 7

Davia Walters: 6

Raechel Vanderholm: 4

Esme Escoto: 4

Lucero Angulo: 4

Aylee Neff: 2  


Lucero Angulo: 18

Esme Escoto: 3  


Davia Walters: 3

Lucero Angulo: 2

Kendra Ellsworth: 2

Jana Russell: 1  


Aylee Neff: 15

Kendra Ellsworth: 11

Esme Escoto: 7

Davia Walters: 6

Raechel Vanderholm: 4

Jana Russell: 2


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