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9-11-12 Manson Lady Trojans  - Waterville Lady Shockers

Scores: 25-22 - 6-25 - 25-17 -19-25 -15-12


Coach’s Statement:


The Manson Lady Trojans had an up-and-down match against the Waterville Shockers on September 11.  The girls started off the 1st game strong; they were working together, communicating and hitting the holes in both serving and hitting.  They really struggled during the second game and just could not seem to get it together.  I was really impressed by how they turned the match back around after the second game and earned a win in the third.  It really showed that the Lady Trojans were a mentally strong team that could put the bad game behind them and move forward; this was a great accomplishment for our young team.  They improved as the night progressed and have shown great improvement since the beginning of the season.  We are starting to get in a groove that I hope will continue through the Bridgeport Tournament this Saturday and into the continuing weeks.



Top Stats for the night:


Ace:       Lucero Angulo-4

                Jana Russell-4

                Davia Walters-4


Kills:       Lucero Angulo-6

                Davia Walters-5

                Kendra Ellsworth-4

                Kristen Gibson-3

                Jana Russell-1


Blocks:  Lucero Angulo-1


Digs:      Kendra Ellsworth-6

                Lucero Angulo-3


Assists: Kristen Gibson-5

                Lucero Angulo-3

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