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Manson Fast Pitch 

April 23, 2013


Coaches; Janice Stewart and Jay Fox report: 

Score: 2-12


Score by Innings

Manson – 1,0,1,0,0          Lake Roosevelt -5,1,1,3,2


ERRORS      3

HITS            6



Ally Paige               2-2, 2runs /defense:2assists,

Brittany Serafini      0-3, 1k, defense:1assist, 1error

Kristin Gibson         0-3, 1k defense:1putout, 4strikouts

Noemi Montes         0-3, 1k defense:

Jazmiri Sandoval     0-1, 1bb

Anna Pittman                   2-3, 2k

Hanna Ireland         1-2, 1k

Karina Giles            1-2, 1k- defense:4putouts, 2errors,

Sam Ramsey           02-, 1k – defense-1putout


Trojans faced Lake Roosevelt for the final time this season.  Manson was at bat 22 times with two runs, six hits and only three defensive errors.  Kristin Gibson pitched a very good game striking out 4 players.  Not too much action in the outfield, but the infielders got a work out with a combined ten putouts. Our girls played to the best of their ability and are constantly improving.  It was a good building block to prepare for playing the undefeated Pateros Nannies on Wednesday, April 24 at Pateros.










April 20, 2013


Coaches; Janice Stewart and Jay Fox report:



MANSON   8                        BRIDGEPORT  24



Manson – 0,0,7,0,1   Bridgeport – 9,5,2,2,6



Manson          5


Manson          9


Ally Paige – offense: 1-3, 1run, 1k, defense: 8 assists, 1error

Anna Pittman – offense: 1-1, 1run, 2bb, defense: 2put-outs, 1error

Brittany Serafini – offense: 1-3, 1k, defense: 1assist, 3putouts

Kristin Gibson – offense: 1-3, 1k, 1run, defense: 3k’s, 1error 1putout

Noemi Montes –offense: 2-3, 2runs,  defense: 5putouts, 1error

Karina Giles – offense:2-3, 1run,1rbi, 1k, defense: 1putout

Sam Ramsey – offense: 1-3, 1run, defense:

Jazmiri Sandoval – offense0-2, 1k defense:

Adorah Guerra – offense: 0-1,

Celina Alejo – offense: 0-1, 1k defense: 1error

Hanna Ireland – offense: 02-, 1run, 1k, defense:





MANSON   6                        BRIDGEPORT  20



Manson 2,0,3,1,0      Bridgeport – 3,3,0,7,7



Manson          10


Manson          13


Ally Paige – offense: 0-4, 1K, defense: 2 assists,

Anna Pittman – offense: 2-3, 2runs 1k, 1bb, defense: 1put-outs, 2errors

Brittany Serafini – offense: 3-4, 1run, 1k,

Kristin Gibson – offense: 0-3,, 1k, 1run

Noemi Montes –offense: 3-3, 1runs,  defense: 6putouts, 2errors

Karina Giles – offense:1-2, 1run,1bb, defense: 1putout, 3errors

Sam Ramsey – offense: 2-3,

Jazmiri Sandoval – offense 2-2, 1bb, defense: 3putouts, 1assist

Celina Alejo – offense: 0-2, defense:

Gisels Adame – offense 0-1


The Lady Trojans hosted a double-header against Bridgeport on Saturday, April 20, 2013.  Both games went five innings and mirrored each other in scores.  The Trojans were a little off in their offense unable to grab many hits in the first game.  Their defense improved greatly from the beginning of the season.  In game 1, Noemi Montes had 11 defensive plays at third base.  Ally Paige had her highest assist rate of 10 assists and Anna Pittman added 2 and Brittany Serafini added an additional 3 from behind the plate.  Karina Giles hit the ball well as did Noemi Montes.  Kristin Gibson pitched game one and threw 3 strikeouts, walking 11.  She is coming along and finding her rhythm.  Anna Pittman had the mound for the second game and is getting stronger every step of the way.  We are proud of our ladies and their perseverance.  With each game played their knowledge of the game increases.


Next game vs. Liberty Bell at Singleton Field on April 23, 2013.


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